The Wanderer Argentinian Malbec

Launched in the UK market just yesterday, The Wanderer is an exciting new Argentinian Malbec aimed at those of us with an adventurous spirit, who love to try something new and sharing that experience with our family and friends.

With summer almost upon us, or at least we hope so, and the Platinum Jubilee just around the corner, this new Argentinian wine is the perfect pairing to go with a barbecued steak or some delicious grilled sausages.

Here at Our Man On The Ground we most definitely have an adventurous spirit and a curiosity to explore, so we really wanted to tell you about this new wine, particularly as Malbec is apparently the UKs favourite red wine, with 45m litres drunk every year according to recent date from Nielsen.

However, The Wanderer is no ordinary Malbec, as it is uniquely made with grapes ripened for longer in the sun-soaked San Juan valley, making it bold, rich and very much smoother to drink. It is also full bodied, with layers of velvety black fruits, hints of spice and smooth oak flavours.

I must say, I do love the bottle, which is has a rather gutsy design, complete with real gold ink, making it the perfect gift, and not be hidden away but put on display.

So, for those of you seeking and searching for new and unique adventures, this is your opportunity to enjoy that flavour delivered only from grapes that have been hidden deep within the valleys of Argentina until the vines are at their finest.

With this in mind, head down to your nearest Morrisons supermarket and grab a couple of bottles off the shelf so you are ready to fire up the BBQ this weekend and grill your favourite meat along with a glass or two of The Wanderer with its bold, smooth flavour. I’m told that Sainsburys will be stocking The Wanderer from July.

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground, a member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photograph courtesy of The Wanderer

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