Talonmore and Wavelength Create TalonWave Wine

TalonWave Wine

Today is National Hiking Day and Talonmore is marking the occasion by partnering with Wavelength Drinks to create a brand new special festive non-alcoholic cocktail called the TalonWave Wine, which is a warming winter mulled wine alternative that can easily be made both at home or whilst enjoying the great outdoors. It’s the perfect hot drink to beat those winter blues and put a spring in your step whilst out hiking!

Both Talonmore and Wavelength Drinks support the importance of health and wellbeing in advocating a healthy outdoor lifestyle. with nature playing a key part in both brand mantras. This new partnership hopes to encourage more people to get outside, especially during the colder winter months to help promote a healthier and more balanced everyday life.

Based in Scotland, Talonmore is a family run business that was established in Edinburgh just three years ago, and Lewis Kennedy, the company’s 25-year-old Managing Director, recently made it to the final of Scottish Edge, Scotland’s biggest funding competition. And last year Talonmore was awarded Silver at the International Wine and Spirits Competition scoring 92 points out of 100.

Talonmore was created to provide an exceptional alcohol-free drink that can be enjoyed without compromising health, control and taste, and uses a mix of rooted and plant-based ingredients. Having chosen brewing methods of manufacturing over distilling, Talonmore have developed a unique beverage to ensure that flavour is at the forefront, replicating the experience of drinking a dark spirit.

The distinctive taste is fired by the spice of ginger and Assam tea, complemented with malty notes and fruit sweetness. It is also gluten, caffeine and egg-free as well as being vegan friendly.

TalonWave Wine is a gorgeous fruit-forward nod to the classic festive favourite mulled wine, paired with the zing and freshness of the hibiscus, lavender, orange and pink grapefruit zest that is found in WaveLength’s Ruby Non-Alcoholic Aperitif.

So, what’s the best way to enjoy this new festive drink? Well, to create the perfect TalonWave Wine, simply measure 50ml Talonmore NA Spirit, 50ml Wave Length Ruby NA Aperitif and 100ml of hot water. Pour all the liquid ingredients into a tempered glass or mug and stir until it’s all well mixed before finally garnishing it with a slice of orange.

TalonWave Wine Mulled Wine

Talonmore can also be enjoyed neat on the rocks, with a mixer if you like or in a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails.

Much like Talonmore, Wavelength’s process starts by brewing as well as fermenting to create the perfect balance of sweet, sour and spice, resulting in a delicious flavour, inviting aroma and lasting aftertaste. Although the fermentation process takes time, this gives the drink its rich flavours, deep aromas and complexity.

Based in Cornwall, Wavelength’s founder, Eddie Lofthouse’s vision is to take a stand for flavour by making exceptional non-alcoholic fermented drinks, bringing his knowledge of brewing beer to brewing premium, non-alcoholic liquids and producing complex non-alcoholic drinks that actually taste good.

Lewis Kennedy, Talonmore Drinks Company’s Managing Director, said:

“Talonmore has been a fan of the Wavelength brand for a while now. I’ve always been really interested to see if the flavours and liquid of the two brands work together, and they do! The team at Wavelength are delightful, we hope this is the first of many partnerships.

“Talonmore has always, and always will be, a supporter of the outdoors lifestyle, and the importance of it for health and wellbeing. We’re encouraging everyone to get those hiking boots on and head up that hill for National Hiking Day. We guarantee it will be worth it, with the reward of a ‘TalonWave Wine’ at the summit.

“The flavoursome fruitiness of both liquids match together perfectly. Talonmore offers the malty notes while the zing of Wavelength creates a conjuring of festive flavours for the tastebuds. Garnishing with an orange makes the serve that touch more festive. Definitely a quick-and-simple cocktail to impress family and friends over the Christmas period too.”

Wavelength Drinks Founder, Eddie Lofthouse, added:

“We are really excited about this collaboration with Talonmore. The two liquids combined create a delicious drink that is perfect for winter gatherings with friends which make long lasting memories.”

For more information, please visit www.talonmoredrinks.com where the two companies are offering a special bundle deal with 10% off both brands up until New Year’s Day.

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of OMOTG Travel & Lifestyle Magazine, a former member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photographs courtesy of Talonmore Drinks and Wavelength Drinks

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