Places in Europe You Should Not Come Back From Without Drone Footage

We are pretty sure that you’ve seen tons of drone footage on YouTube, showing the beautiful landscapes from all over the world, from a new, never seen before perspective. A normal person’s reaction would be “Okay, these videos look awesome, but for this, you need to really know how to pilot a drone and have some kick ass, expensive model!”. This, to a certain point, is not far from the truth, but actually, not everybody that posts such videos, has a drone that is worth some 3 grand, like the Inspire or the $1000 octocopter. For those who are not so familiar with this topic, we have to say that most of these videos were shot using the more budget friendly Phantom 3 or 4.

So, if you own a P3 or P4, or some other good camera drone model, or you plan on buying one, how do you get from those not so cool videos to the expensive production looking ones? Easy, you first practice, practice, practice, and then you start taking your drone on every single adventure that involves breathtaking landscapes. What’s more, in most cases, the drone filmography and photography hobby will inspire you to travel even more than before. So, in our book, owning a drone can only come as a win situation. All you have to do is do some research to see which destinations would give you a great vacation and plenty of jaw dropping scenery for your drone videos, and pack your bags and your bird.

However, before we get to the part where you can find out which locations in the world are the best for this, we need to mention something. If don’t already have a drone and are thinking of buying one, you do need a drone that has some flight assistance systems and a good camera. Therefore, we can recommend an article with reviews of the best drone models for aerial photography.

Now, we can continue with our article and help you plan for a perfect vacation, with plenty of amazing drone footage destinations, so that you come back home with plenty of great memories and videos to show to your friends. However, before we get there, we have to let you know that flying your drone responsibly is a MUST, and before getting your drone airborne, you need to contact the local authorities first, and acquire all the necessary  flight permits.

Land of Fire and Ice: Iceland

If you want to refresh your YouTube account with some new, breathtaking footage of landscapes that look like you visited the Lord of the Rings universe, we suggest that you start your route with Iceland. A vacation here will not set you back financially like some highly exotic destinations like the Caribbean islands, nor can you expect paradise landscapes with white sand beaches and diamond-sparkling waters.

But, the Aurora Borealis-Norther Lights (now you are probably thinking “okay, I will definitely check this out”), active volcanoes and geysers, half frozen waterfalls, beaches with black, volcanic sand, with ice sculptures shaped by the mother nature herself, and welcoming people, will all together change your perception of a vacation forever.

Also, when you capture all that beauty with your flying camera, and when you go back home and compare that footage with your backyard videos, drone filmography and photography will become a part of your DNA.

For a better visual idea of what to expect when shooting with your drone in Iceland, check out this video.

The Land of the Vikings: Norway

Moving a bit south on the map, Norway is the land of the Vikings. Starting at the Lofoten’s coastal peaks, to the islands of Senja and then going more south to the fjords, which the men with wooden boats and horned helmets used to sail into their adventures, and ending your own adventure on the southern highlands, you will cover some 8000km!

During this route, we feel sure, much like us, that you will fall in love with this amazing country. Not only because you will capture some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, but also because you will find the local people to be very open hearted and welcoming. You will also see how the history of this country has changed and how they managed to keep their old tradition and architecture and combine it with the modern era thinking.

The best time to head to Norway is during the summer when the days last almost 24 hours, and the further North you go, the longer the day is. Also the climate can be pretty rough in all other seasons and you wouldn’t want your drone to cut out in that cold North air!

When it comes to the architecture of their cities, you will find them completely different to what most of us are used to, but you will get great aerial shots of their colorful houses that still have that Viking era touch. Perfect for awesome panoramic shots from high altitude.

But, don’t forget that it’s not just the cities that will give you the best videos, it’s Norway’s nature too. So, be prepared to explore and if all of this sounds interesting, here is a video to sharpen your creativity even more.

Drone Footage and Croissants: France

When you’ve had your fun in the land of the Vikings, you can head a bit closer to the Equator, to the land of love, vine and cheese, but not necessarily in that order.

Where to start? Well, if you are thinking Paris, you are on the right track. There’s an old saying  “If you want to fall in love with France, visit the city of lights”. The old saying couldn’t be more right actually, as this pretty city give you the chance to get lost in its tight streets and stumble upon numerous cafés, where you can taste the famous croissants and their delicious coffee. Another great thing about Paris is that every time you find a wide open space in the maze of streets, the most famous landmarks, museums, open air exhibits are there to offer you some amazing drone footage.

To get a better idea how this city looks from a drone’s perspective and to also write down the spots you may want to check out, take a look at this video.

The beauty of the Ionian Sea and the Islands: Greece

Next and the final stop on our “little” drone filming adventure, is the land of the Gods from Olympus, Greece.

Naturally, the first place you should visit in Greece is the capitol city, Athens. This great city will offer you great food, busy streets, and numerous bazaars where you can find tons of interesting things to buy. You can also make great aerial shots, but for the best view and perfect panoramic videos, we suggest to get out of the city, to its outskirts, and get to higher ground, for some memorable footage.

When you get tired of the city rush, it’s time for the best part of this adventure and that’s the famous Greek islands. But do keep in mind that there are so many of them that you really need minimum a month if you want to see them all. So our suggestion is to make a plan and head to the ones you think are the most interesting. Beside the biggest islands, don’t forget to go to Zakyntos, where you can explore the beauty of the nature and the mesmerizing emerald colour of the Ionian sea during the day and wake up with a cocktail in your hands on the beach in the morning after a wild night in the famous night clubs in the city of Laganas. If you are a base jumper and you plan on having your drone following you when you jump, there’s a perfect spot for that and it can be found on a cliff, at the north end of the island, right above one of the most famous beaches in the world, the shipwreck beach – Navaggio.

Here you can also get some breathtaking footage of the famous blue caves, where the water of the sea is literally blue, even if you take it in your hands, thanks to the way the light plays in the caves. Not the most ideal place to take off with a drone, but you can try it without the GPS lock and keep it hovering over the ship that will, believe it or not, enter the cave.

If you want to get the authentic footage of Greece culture and the warm people here, we suggest that you head to the center of the island, where you will find small villages that time has forgotten and capture some beautiful aerial footage of their churches with the sea in the background. It sounds like a heaven on Earth, doesn’t it?

To get a better visual idea of what to expect, check out this aerial footage.

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