Chromotherapy Christmas At Eccleston Yards

Following a delicious Thanksgiving lunch at The Jones Family Kitchen last Thursday, I gathered in Belgravia’s Eccleston Yards with members of the press and locals for the official launch of Chromotherapy Christmas at Eccleston Yards, which has been created by internationally renowned artist Squidsoup.

‘Wave’ is an immersive experience inspired by the ancient healing concept of Chromotherapy and will be open every evening here in Eccleston Yards until 11th January 2020.

This free chromotherapy-inspired light installation is made up of 500 suspended individual lit orbs with 500 individual voices in a range of colours designed to energise the body, stimulate happiness and calm the heart rate. Each cycle lasts eight minutes and I have to say it is indeed extremely calming – and it was particularly noticeable how quiet everyone was whilst the ‘Wave’ was going through its cycle. It just seems inappropriate to speak loudly or interrupt the moment.

Chromotherapy 'Wave'

You could say that the ‘Wave’ contributes a calming energy balance for anyone popping by – synonymous with the wellbeing ethos of Eccleston Yards – as visitors will find themselves entranced as they walk through the installation, listening to evolving hypnotic harmonies that are created by the orbs. The vibrations projected by the different orbs will help to energise the body (orange), stimulate happiness (yellow) and calm your heart rate (blue).

This new interactive light and voice experience explores the wonders of colourful illuminations, taking inspiration from the ancient healing concept of Chromotherapy, which is the science of using the powers of light and colour to balance energy in our bodies and mind.

Paul O’Grady, South Belgravia Director for Grosvenor Britain & Ireland said of the installation:

“Light installations are synonymous with London during the Christmas period and we are thrilled that Eccleston Yards will be the first London location to host ‘Wave’ this festive season. The Chromotherapy-inspired installation offers a quirky twist on traditional Christmas lights and perfectly embodies the wellbeing ethos of Eccleston Yards and our ambition to surprise and delight visitors. We’re confident that ‘Wave’ will be popular with local residents, workers and visitors alike.”

Light Orb

For those of you unfamiliar with the area, Eccleston Yards is located at 21 Eccleston Place, Belgravia, and set on 80,000 sq ft of beautifully restored and renovated space just a five-minute walk from London’s Victoria Station.

To see the full Eccleston Yards Christmas programme of what’s on, please visit their website at

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground, a member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photographs courtesy of Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, taken by Jason Alden

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