Paradise Now at Eccleston Yards

Head over to Eccleston Yards in London’s Belgravia for a pick-me-up and some well-deserved rejuvenation at Paradise Now, a brand-new pop-up urban spa, billed as London’s first well-being playground.

For the next nine days, until 15th September 2018, visitors to Eccleston Yards will be able to enjoy some relaxing “me time” in the heart of London and feel invigorated for the rest of the day.

Paradise Now Installation in Eccleston Yards

Paradise Now is a unique and pioneering spa experience which is claiming to supercharge you after just 30 minutes in this urban spa that has been specially created in the middle of Eccleston Yards, a little oasis just a short walk from busy Victoria.  The spa has been developed by multi-sensory visionaries Bompass & Parr and offers you an insight into the new horizons of health that combines the latest trends in health and wellness such as biohacking, nootropics, rehydration technology, urban nature bathing and touch screen chromotherapy.

The rather striking Baker Miller pink used on the pop-up is apparently been scientifically proven to relax and reduce any anxiety you may have and is recognised as being able to reduce the daily stresses and strain of life in this ever faster paced world that we live in today.

Aerial View of Paradise Now

So, what can you expect to experience in your 30-minute spa journey?

Well, to make the most of your session, it is advised that you enter the installation through the verdant jungle foliage, as research has shown that when we appreciate natural beauty it boosts our well-being and enhances our general satisfaction with life.  You should then bathe yourself and rehydrate in the monumental pink mist waterfall in the centre of the installation, which is enriched with natural energising materials including aloe vera, chamomile, citrus and extracts of raspberry leaf.  Then spend some time on the haptic dunes where you can sit and meditate absorbing the nutrients from surrounding dunes of vitamin-infused aromatherapy-scented pebbles.

Paradise Now monumental pink mist waterfall

And finally, a visit to the perpetual sunset, which is essentially a large-scale infrared light installation shaped like the sun and exudes a warming glow.  It is well-known that infrared light therapy can boost your endorphins and metabolism as well as help relieve depression and stimulate your Vitamin D production.

Once relaxed and rejuvenated you should then pay a visit to the open-air Electrolyte Aqua bar and end your journey of discovery by cleansing your inner self with a cup of London rainwater geologically filtered to replicate the taste and mineral content of rare springs around the world.  I tried the Australian water, which had a most unusual taste unlike anything I have tasted before.  The water is nutrient-rich and the Aqua bar gives you the opportunity to try some special water-based cocktails and infusions which you probably won’t have tasted before.

Good Karma Paradise Now Cocktail

Paradise Now and well-being is at the core of Ecclestone Yards’ philosophy with its live work and play offerings and brands to bring together residents and visitors alike.  Eccleston Yards, which only opened this spring, is currently home to The Jones Family Kitchen, SMUK, Central Working, Barry’s Bootcamp, Re:Mind Studio and Tailor Made.

The Jones Family Kitchen are serving two specially created cocktails.  The first is ‘The Good Karma’ Baker Miller cocktail, which is made with Silent Pool gin, cranberry juice and raspberry purée.  The second cocktail is aptly named ‘The Mind Mine’ Perpetual Sunset and is a mix of Absolut Blue, Cointreau and Blue Curacao.

Mind Mine Paradise Now Cocktail

SMUK are offering visitors who book a treatment for over £50, a complimentary file and polish manicure with their very own vegan and toxic-free nail polish – in pink of course!

For those of you who would like to join a special Paradise Now session, there is a timetable of events every day from today through to Saturday 15th September 2018 where you can join Re:Mind for a Re:Heal meditation class.  Barry’s will be giving talks and Q&A sessions with one of their master trainers, whilst Grace Belgravia will be giving a DNA & nutrition talk.  Timetables are available at Paradise Now.

The Details

Paradise Now, Eccleston Yards, 21 Ecclestone Place, Belgravia, London, SW1W 9NF, England.


Ecceleston Yards is located in the courtyard just off Eccleston Place in Belgravia and a short, under five-minute walk from Victoria mainline and Underground station.

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor-in-Chief of Our Man On The Ground Travel and Lifestyle Magazine, a member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Paradise Now photos courtesy of Grosvenor and cocktail photos by Simon Burrell

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