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MoonAcre Spa Bathtub

There’s an unabashed joy, pure and unsophisticated, that upshots when so many of our favorite things unite under one experience – it’s innate. Visceral. Like when you’re a kid and you’re at the beach. The ice cream guy comes by so you get a Sidewalk Sundae and your best friend, she gets a Chipwich, and the sunshine and the sand and then you’re going home to have a sleepover. The elation! Flash forward a few (decades), and you’re up in wine country, maybe with some friends, there’s a converted motor lodge giving you unmistakable Rosebud Motel vibes, it has a spa, it’s delightful, and they offer things like salt soaks and eucalyptus steams and massages and stones from the Hot Himalayans. All forms of restraint go out the window. It’s a chipwich on the beach. And a sleepover.

MoonAcre Spa & Baths at Calistoga Motor Lodge, located at the northern tip of California’s Napa Valley, is a little whimsical and a lot wonderful. Housed in Calistoga Motor Lodge, a repurposed roadside motel modernized via vintage makeover, the spa resonates the road trip culture that the whole place seems to celebrate.

But the spa. Lured by the powder blue duo of clawfoot tubs, I was visually smitten. Next draw, the trio of mineral pools, fed by geothermal hot springs below the property grounds. The ones Calistoga is famous for. The steam, I’m always down with a pore opening steam. And finally, the treatment options. I wanted them all.

MoonAcre Spa and Baths

The Rose Glow Facial, with all the vitamin rich oils. The Summer Refresher Seasonal Special, featuring a cooling peppermint calf and foot massage, gave way to the Pumpkin Bliss, apple back scrub, hydrating beneath autumnal body butter. A smorgasbord of speciality massages, but that Hot Himalayan. With the heated Himalayan salt stones? Sold.

I don’t know what it is about a hot stone massage that seems to stop time, but it can feel a little religious. Here, there might be something to that. These Himalayan salt stones are antimicrobial and mineral rich, which means they produce negative ions, which only sounds like a bad thing. These negative ions help alkalize the body and recalibrate balance from an overly acidic state. That’s the science part. The physical part, it just feels fantastic.

It feels so fantastic.

Napa Valley is never lacking in seasonal, earth born pleasures. From the sips to the salubrious, it is the land that celebrates the sanctity of savor. MoonAcre Spa came in with its playful spin on posh, giving us but another blissful means of basking in both.

The Details

MoonAcre Spa & Baths at Calistoga Motor Lodge, 1880 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga, California 94515, United States.

Tel: +1 (707) 942-0992



Calistoga Motor Lodge is located at the head of the Silverado Trail, just steps from the center of Calistoga and has plenty of free self-parking available. The spa is open Monday and Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm; Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Type of Spa: Health Spa

Price Band: Medium

Insider Tip: Leave plenty of time to lounge. The outdoors are dreamy and the steam room is exceptional. And if you can do the 90 minutes, do the 90 minutes. Non-guests can also make day spa appointments.

Reviewer’s Rating: 9/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles.

Photographs courtesy of MoonAcre Spa and Baths and by Jolie Loeb


  1. Sounds so whimsical and unique and luxurious. Never would’ve trusted a place with motor lodge in the title, so this writeup is essential reading.

  2. Sounds amazing! As a bonus, I got a hearty giggle out of the first picture – three lady pals in a tub. I was re-enacting that pose in my head, picturing me with my two friends in the tub, and the image was laughter inducing! LOL! But seriously, an ice blue tub in a fun quirky setting? LOVE IT!

  3. You had me at sidewalk sundae…as for spa treatments, not much on that, but this does sound tempting. Perhaps if they had chipwichs……

  4. Quick question. Is it always 3 to a tub? If so and you’re not traveling with anyone, do they assign you two tub-mates? Follow-up question totally unrelated, what does G have going next weekend?

  5. I haven’t ever been to Calistoga but this gives me many reasons to! I am particularly drawn to the hot stone massage! Adding this place to my bucket list 🙂

  6. I do love a good spa and this one sounds right up my alley…. Weird and wonderful! Do they have mud? My friend and I did mud baths once and it was at once absurd and glorious!

  7. This place was just so cute & relaxing. I will be going back for more!! More Calistoga, more fun, and more spa!

  8. Only in a place like Calistoga can you find an amazing spa hiding in a (beautifully redone and looking like a fun place to stay) motor lodge. We really enjoyed relaxing on the patio and jumping in and out of the steam room. My massage was just what I needed. @Scott — I’ll see you in Calistoga?

  9. Calistoga take me away and straight to the MoonAcre Spa & baths. It sounds like perfection, just like a chipwhich on a summer day with your besties.

  10. Looks amazing! We love Calistoga so we’ll definitely add MoonAcre Spa to our list of places we have to hit on our next visit.

  11. “From the sips to the salubrious, it is the land that celebrates the sanctity of savor.” The sanctity of savor… *That* is what I’m in after reading this perfect review of what promises to be the best meet-up of my own childhood memories of long road trips and spontaneous stays in cheap motels with battery operated massage beds 😉 Those were some super-happy times! Add to that hot stones and peppermint on my calves And feet — perfect, just perfect. I must go.

  12. I love a good spa situation!! I’ve got to give this a try. I however will be in the tub without my girlfriends!

  13. Been looking to do a spa day with friends and this sounds like the perfect place!!!!! So excited to try it out:)

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