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Meera Spa
The extensive Meera Spa

Gili Lankanfushi Maldives, the award-winning eco-resort located on North Malé Atoll, just 20 minutes by speedboat from Malé airport, has unveiled a wonderful self-indulgent new spa offering this season in its brand-new spa menu at the luxurious overwater Meera Spa (meaning ocean). They include the introduction of five new pairing journeys centred on the elements of the universe as well as moonbathing in your very own private villa to stimulate all of your senses.

The resort is made up of 45 sumptuous overwater villas, including seven Crusoe Residences and The Private Reserve, one of the most exclusive and largest overwater villas in the world, and is the pioneer of sustainable, barefoot luxury in the Maldives.

Meera Spa Manager Eka Rianti, commented:

“We are thrilled to introduce these transformative new experiences for our guests, building on the world-class spa offering here at Gili Lankanfushi. Our discerning clientele – many of whom are repeat guests – have come to expect the very best when it comes to wellness, and we are proud to provide them with truly memorable, cutting edge and holistic therapies – all available exclusively on our beautiful island paradise.

“At Meera Spa as on the island, we are truly passionate about sustainability and look to support local business wherever possible, utilising eco-friendly, organic products and sourcing as much as possible from the resort’s organic garden.”

The Meera Spa provides the very best in holistic healing within a spectacular overwater setting. The highlight of the new menu is the indulgent ‘Pairing Journey’ offering, which is a series of multi-treatment experiences combining Meera’s most transformational therapies, whereby you can choose from five pairings that are based around the five elements of the universe – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space – which takes place over two days. Each 150-minute retreat journey will unveil the true essence of rejuvenation, where blissful relaxation meets transformative experiences.

Meera Spa Shirodara
Meera Spa Shirodara treatment

The five pairing journeys and treatments include:

Earth (150 minutes: $365), which is a grounding experience blending Shirodara, an ancient combination of Abhyanga massage with a steady flow of warm oil onto the forehead for deep relaxation and stress relief, and Foot Reflexology.

The second journey is Water (150 minutes: $350), which is a blissful duo that will have you floating out of the spa post-treatment. It consists of a combination of Meera’s Detox Cellulite Treatment, which enhances toxin elimination and skin texture on localised areas through vigorous massage and herbal powder, and Chi Nei Tsang, which is a therapeutic massage targeting pressure points in the abdomen to detoxify the body, stimulate lymph flow and release any emotional tension you may have.

The third is Fire (150 minutes: $350), that consists of an energy and power-boosting mix of Choorna Swedana, which is a warm herbal poultice massage to increase blood circulation and relieve the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism, and Deep Muscle Fusion, a deep tissue massage to relieve muscle stress and aid muscle realignment.

The fourth new journey is Air (150 minutes: $350), where you will rediscover love and rebuild connections with ‘Air’, a combination of Abhyanga Massage using medicated Indian Ayurveda oil to heal and restore the flow of vital energy, and Warm Stone Therapy, a gentle yet effective treatment using heated basal stones.

The fifth and final journey is called Space (150 minutes: $345), which will enhance the intuition with a blend of ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl therapy to help calm the nervous system and relieve stress and includes an Indian Head Massage.

And how about some Moonbathing for the wellness-lover who has tried it all? Well, you can now indulge in a spot of ‘moon-bathing’ within the privacy of your own overwater villa. Apparently soaking in the moonlight has been said to calm the body and mind, helping to reduce stress and thereby improving sleep. For women in particular, the moon is thought to boost hormones, positively influencing their cycle, fertility and symptoms of the menopause.

Moonbathing under the stars

Every overwater villa at Gili Lankanfushi has its own roof deck star bed with luxurious linens to provide you with the perfect place to lay back and spot the crystal-clear constellations as you slowly drift off to sleep to the sounds of the rolling waves whilst soaking in the moonlight.

Central to Gili Lankanfushi’s ethos is wellbeing and balance in body and soul, offering holistic healing in a spectacular overwater setting. Open air walkways link the treatment rooms, steam room and sauna, whilst the large relaxation areas give you the opportunity to watch the rolling waves and enjoy a pot of freshly brewed Maldivian ginger tea following your treatment.

The immersive wellness journeys range from one to five days and include a range of bespoke and curated restorative experiences with long-lasting benefits. You can also choose from a range of holistic activities such as meditation, reiki, crystal healing and ancient singing bowl sessions.

All in all, Gili Lankanfushi is the perfect place in which to unwind and relax for couples, families and solo travellers as well as families or groups of friends, and combines a rustic eco-design, unparalleled service and stunning natural scenery with a laid-back-luxury, ‘no news, no shoes’ philosophy.

You can enjoy the new spa offering at Gili Lankanfushi with nightly rates starting from £1,070 ($1,440) based on two adults sharing a villa and includes breakfast. For more information, please visit:

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Simon Burrell is Editor of OMOTG Travel & Lifestyle Magazine, a former member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photographs courtesy of Gili Lankanfushi

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