506 Lofts, Nashville

Industrial Chic Meets Rockabilly Grunge In The Heart Of Downtown Nashville.

Finding yourself in the centre of the anointed ‘City of Music’ without any actual instrumental capabilities – possibly even a little bit tone deaf – is a humbling feeling. Do my musical shortcomings mean that I could never fully appreciate the genius of the early rock legends that graced this town before me? Quite possibly. Does it mean that my love of their music is any less genuine and meaningful than someone who can hear a full scale of do re mis? I’d like to think not…but in any case, here I happily stand in Nashville after two days on the road travelling up the Blues Highway in the drippingly cool Monkey Bar suite at 506 Lofts.

Every detail at 506 is deeply embroidered with Nashville’s rich and eclectic history, right down to the once-iconic 135-year-old building that houses it. Exposed brickwork, wrought iron fixtures, original wooden floorboards, floor-to-ceiling windows, stable sliding doors and a raised industrial roof set the base for the top-note furnishings of graffiti-style wall art (a hand holding a vinyl with the line ‘For The Record’ beautifully scribed across it – Elvis wept!), a moleskine guest book, of-the-moment white bathroom tiling, slate drink coasters and a colourful feature rug. Too much description? I could write the whole piece talking of nothing else, but why ruin the surprise?

506 Lofts Kitchen

The Monkey Bar is essentially a comfortable one-bedroom apartment, complete with its own full kitchen, breakfast bar, lounge, separate bedroom and ensuite with a shared laundry room down the hall. You could – very happily in my case – move straight into this abode full-time and want for nothing else.

There’s a welcome basket upon our arrival stocked with water, snacks and tokens to be used during our trip – a free beer here, a comped slider there and even your first ride in Nashville gratis by way of Lyft. A jar of coffee beans from a local roastery sits atop a detailed list of instructions on how to prepare the perfect brew: how many beans to use, how finely you should grind them, the temperature of the water and how many stirs are required before pouring. As a former barista, this dedication to the bean is truly heartwarming; American diner coffee, this ain’t.

506 Lofts Bedroom

Sitting on the round table in the corner is a Nashville bible of sorts, broken down into districts and then further into what to see and do, where to eat and drink and even how to get there, the time it would take and the approximate cost. Folks, they have thought of everything.

Speaking of districts, the lofts are handily placed in the centre of Downtown, a mere few minutes’ walk from the historic Printers Alley and the lively Honky-Tonk strip of Broadway B (we highly recommend Robert’s Western World for a square-dancin’ and heel-clickingly fun night of old school country rock).

506 Lofts Bathroom

It’s safe to say that one night is simply not enough to get amongst all that Nashville has to offer but even after just 30 hours, this tuneful city has managed to capture the beat of my heart (if only it had the same effect on my rhythm…). I’ll certainly be back to complete my budding romance with this Tennessean city and when I am, 506 Lofts will be my first port of call.

The Details

506 Lofts, 506 Church St, Nashville, TN 37219, USA

Tel: +1(615) 861-9535

Website: https://www.anchorrentals.net/

Email: manager@506lofts.com

Located in Downtown Nashville immediately behind the Sheraton Grand Nashville Downtown, 506 Lofts is ideally situated. If you’re driving, use the nearby Library Garage on 151 6th Ave N. The daily rate is $14 and it’s located just one block away. This is the cheapest and most convenient parking option.

Type of Hotel: Boutique Luxury Vacation Rental Property

Price Band: High

Reviewer’s Rating: 10/10

Author Bio:

Melanie Chenoweth is a London based, freelance food writer and photographer. If you can eat it, she’ll snap it. Then eat it. Then write about it.

Photographs courtesy of 506 Lofts

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