6 Great Travel Jobs For 2022 And Beyond

Have you ever spent time daydreaming about sitting in a comfortable airplane seat, looking at the clear blue sky and the puffy white clouds while you’re sipping hot coffee from a cute paper cup and anticipating landing because a great adventure awaits you?

If you have, I can recommend six jobs, which can turn such dreams into a reality.

  1. Voice-over actor

When people hear the word “actor”, images from film and TV sets or theatre stages come to mind. However, actors may be asked to act only using their voices. Voice acting is an equally creative and challenging job as acting. Actors or people who are capable of controlling their voice and expressing a wide range of emotions through it can apply for voice-over jobs by registering with acting agencies. It is also possible to let job offers come to them if they create an account to online agencies, like Voquent, and have casting agents from all over the world discover them and ask them to become the voice of their creative project.

  1. Photo model

Are you comfortable in front of a camera? Do you know how to hold and promote a product effortlessly? If yes, you should consider becoming a photo model. Starting with a few amateur photoshoots, you can see if photo modelling is something that you enjoy. As you put more and more time and effort in it, you’ll see yourself improving. If you create an impressive portfolio, you will soon be asked to travel around the world for big production photoshoots.


  1. Camera operator

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth even more than a picture, since the combination of sound and moving images are hard to resist. Nowadays, video content creation is a job, and those people understand the significance of hiring a camera operator who can take the best shots. Camera operators will follow the rest of the crew wherever the film location is.

  1. Photographer

As with camera operators, a photographer is an occupation that is in demand now that content creators on social media or so called influencers have become a crucial part of the business world. Taking original and innovative photos can make a photographer stand out and become as famous as the celebrities they are asked to work for.

  1. Travel blogger

As you’ve probably guessed, becoming a content creator is a very popular job nowadays. One popular niche of content creation is the travel category. Travelling to different places around the world and documenting the whole experience for people to see is an entertainment option that internet users enjoy because they get to see and learn about a place that they might not go there themselves.

  1. English teacher

If you are a native English speaker or you speak English fluently and you are a qualified teacher, you can apply for an English teaching position at a school abroad. Not only do you challenge yourself by having to adjust your teaching methods and techniques to suit students that you are not familiar with, but also you integrate yourself into a new culture which is different from your own.

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