Five Money-Saving Activities To Do During Spring

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Spring is a fun season that encourages you to get out into nature and have a blast with loved ones. However, the ongoing cost of living crisis means many people will be more wary of their spending when planning activities with the family.

Fortunately, better weather and longer days ensure lots of opportunities to save money while having fun throughout spring. If you want to know what these activities are and how to budget for the season, continue reading our guide below.

Figure out your budget

Before you plan any Spring activities, it’s important to establish a budget. The better weather may encourage you to get out of the house more, but you must not live beyond your means. Doing this could lead to financial issues, which may impact your credit score.

When creating a budget, consider the following features to make sure it’s realistic:

  • How much you typically spend during the season
  • Whether you have expensive plans that can’t be avoided
  • How much you’d like to save through Spring

Low-cost activities to try this spring

Keeping costs down is easy during this exciting season and here are some of the activities you can do that won’t break the bank.

Outdoor adventures

There are countless free activities to do in the outdoors. Go for a hike in the countryside, let your children run wild at a park or visit local nature reserves to see lots of animals.

Be sure to consider travel costs and packed lunch expenses when planning this trip to make sure you can afford it.

Local events

Local events in your community tend to offer fun for the whole family without costing the world. Some of the events you may see during Spring include Easter-themed gatherings, markets, flower shows and community sports days.

You can usually find what’s going on in your local area through Google or private Facebook groups for your local area.


With the longer days and better weather, gardening is a great pastime to enjoy. Neaten up your space after winter by cutting your lawn, trimming the hedges and planting new flowers that’ll bloom when summer rolls around.

Declutter and spring clean

While it may not be fun for everyone, spring cleaning is a great way to spend your time. This gives you plenty of time to get rid of unwanted items and declutter your space. Decluttering is known to boost your mental health too, helping you feel more positive throughout Spring.

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