French Press With A Scandinavian Touch

It’s well known that Scandinavians produce some of the most beautiful people on the planet. Blonde hair, blue eyes…what’s not to like?

But as it turns out, it’s not just their high-cheekboned homo sapiens that are aesthetically pleasing – they also create stunning coffee making equipment.

When my wife smashed our beloved cafetière to smithereens, I went out on the hunt for a glass-free option. While I adore being able to watch the coffee brewing through a transparent medium, it’s time for a change. So when I come across Danish brand Stelton’s Theo French Press, I’m ecstatic.

Stelton Theo French Press Coffee Maker and Cups

This beautifully simple work of art is built in matte black stoneware. It is accompanied with a bamboo wooden lid meaning that it would look at home in any hipster coffee shop. But no top-knotted forearm-tattooed barista is getting near this one – it’s staying in my house. And it’s time to give it a test drive.

I’m a big fan of the AeroPress, but two things bother me about it. Firstly, the use of plastic, and secondly the fact you can only really make one coffee at a time. Theo solves both of these issues. My wife has apologised enough for destroying our old caffeine producer, so I’m going to treat her to a freshly brewed mug of steaming hot coffee. But I’m making it.

The Theo French Press was designed by Francis Cayouette, who is actually Canadian. He takes his influences from Japan and this blend of multiculturalism creates the perfect rustic look and feel. There’s a whole award-winning collection in the Theo family, which ranges from a teapot to a sugar bowl, all boasting the same classic Nordic resemblance. After my first coffee, I’m know I’m going to add to my collection.

Coffee Set

The technique to using a French Press is so beautifully simple that my 3-year-old daughter could master it (I wouldn’t let her of course, not with her mother’s track record). There is a certain unique pleasure in using the Theo, as it is both reassuringly heavy and timelessly elegant. Pouring a cup of coffee has never felt so calming.

To get your hands on a Stelton Theo French Press, please visit their website.

Author Bio:

John Harfield is a travel writer and photographer based in Edinburgh and one of our regular contributors.

Photographs courtesy of Stelton

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