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Dr Know and the Golden Gun of mesotherapy – a painless license to thrill for skin and hair

Dr Roberto Viel, Founder surgeon at LCAS welcomes a new addition to the team, Esra Gulsen, therapist and specialist in non-invasive skin treatments and hair loss at LCAS. Esra is the Founder of Nar London known as the ‘go to girl for beauty’ formerly being located in London’s trendy Notting Hill and now prominently based within the LCAS team in London’s eponymous Harley Street, famed for its medical, health and beauty professionals.

Esra is an advocate in concocting bespoke beauty programmes and care for her clients, as opposed to ‘off the shelf’ formulas, preferring to conjure up a cocktail of tailored ingredients, compatibly suiting each and every skin type, delivering immediate needs to nourish and nurture skin from within. A holistic approach suited to an individual’s skin care regime to enhance and improve the condition of transformational skin. Taking a wider picture on health and lifestyle, she maximizes results and delivers excellence due to her Dr Know (so to speak), ability and propensity of knowledge relating to the newest and best formulas on the market. In fact, her commitment and devoted delivery to her clients’ skincare reflects on her ability to combine technology with innovative applications, being at the forefront of scientific advancement in the products she uses.

Consultations are complimentary and generously delivered with ease, specifically addressing each individual’s expectations and budget within her consulting room in Harley Street. Her clientele remain steadfast devotee’s of her painless treatments, including her newest bespoke range of meso-therapy, applied by a painless meso injector, the U225 gun that injects the mesoderm with tiny skin prick precision.

NAR London Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy treatment’s diversity with no down time

Amongst the mirage of different treatments for skin and hair, Esra personally blends and applies the right balance to preserve the skin’s equilibrium and luminosity taking a step by step approach, so the skin’s dermis adapts and reacts positively to hydrate, repair and rejuvenate skin with natural looking and longer lasting results.

The latest ingenious wonder at LCAS is the application of skin prick rejuvenation precision – a painless delivery of pricks into the mesoderm, the layer of fat and connective tissue under the skin administered with a Meso Injector – otherwise known as the U225 gun.

Mesos from the Greek ‘mesos’ means middle, hence the treatment’s name, meso-therapy. The painless technology injects micro injections into the skin, combining the delivery of dermal fillers (by using hyaluronic acid to plump skin), and a cocktail of antioxidants, peptides and vitamins to hydrate, repair and rejuvenate, stimulating cell turnover, tighter, firmer skin promoting the production of collagen and elastin. Great for that ping effect! What’s more it can be applied to the face, hair and body!

The good news is mesotherapy improves hair loss and the elimination of wrinkles. The Meso Injector can be used with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments, combining PRP into one treatment process. What’s more, it can be more specific, targeting critical areas with a bespoke prescription of potency.  All done. No downtime administered within 20-30 minutes maximum.  A great lunchtime fix or glamour boost prior to a date night.

Clear Skin at NAR London

Painless precision

Unlike previous mesotherapy treatments, this newest treatment with the meso injector doesn’t require any prior anesthetic cream as there’s no need, making it more comfortable and allowing the skin to penetrate a more permeable potency of active ingredients reaching into the dermis. The solution can be catered to each and every person’s taste, a little bit like a menu with tremendous benefits and suitable for vegans too.


Like anything, maintenance is key. To fully notice results, a combined session comprising of a minimum of three to six sessions are recommended on a fortnightly or monthly basis and thereafter continued every three months. Prices for each session start at £200 with a package of six at £950.

No contraindications and a complimentary partner to your skincare needs

Unlike other non-invasive treatments, there are few contraindications to mesotherapy, and a skin test is not necessary, making it suitable for most skin types, however there are a few exceptions to the rule. Mesotherapy makes an ideal compatible partner with skin peels, botox and dermal fillers and prolongs the super hydrating boosting elements for radiant skin.

Natural and friendly, nature’s way for the boys and girls

It’s natural and friendly with the perfect environment factors catering for healthy skin and hair with natural growth factors, peptides and antioxidants – an installation of goodies to make you look and feel in peak promotion for the summer.

The Details

Esra Gulsen at LCAS, London Centre For Aesthetic Surgery, 15 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QQ, England.

Tel: +44 (0)207 636 4272

LCAS website:

NAR London website:


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Aurelia Bonito is London-based a freelance travel writer and marketing consultant.

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