Mermaid Gin

As part of my job being contributing editor for Our Man on the Ground I sometimes have to ‘branch out’ a little and plough new fields of discovery.  Or should that be Oceans?  Great things come in small batches or so the saying nearly goes and Mermaid Gin is no exception.

Indigenous to the jewel on the southern shores of this fair land the Isle of Wight is where the masters of this nautical nectar have been producing gin in the island’s only distillery for four years.  And it’s a cracker.  Already stocked by M&S (no mean feat getting their approval I can tell you) this striking tipple lives up to its glorious bottle.  Going for sustainability (everything is recycled or recyclable) including the distribution process Mermaid is knocking the socks of its competitors.

Mermaid Gin Cocktail Making

The nub of any bottle of gin is what’s inside.  Well I can report from the front line of tasting “Our Man with a Glass’’ so to speak and it’s damn good.  It’s a smooth, complex blend of 10 botanicals that include a dominant lemon zest and pepper as well as an authentic nautical touch of rock samphire plucked from the cliffs of the Isle of Wight.  The small batch is made in column stills, so control is maintained to keep it smooth and desirable at 42% ABV.

This is my summertime tipple recommendation for this year.  Wimbledon, Henley and Ascot all have their moment when it comes to a summer sharpener but why not be a little different this season and branch out and catch the wind with this perfect drink on the rocks or with a tonic of your choice.  It’ll keep you sailing (and smiling) all summer.  At only £45 a bottle can you afford not to try it?

Gin Bottle

For more information on Mermaid Gin, please visit their website:

Author Bio:

Neil Hennessy-Vass is Contributing Editor for Our Man On The Ground as well as a widely-published globetrotting food and award-winning travel writer and photographer.

Photographs by Neil Hennessy-Vass

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