Powerful Play Unravels Caring Culture

The hidden world of young carers is unravelled in an exciting new play touring the nation.

“Who Cares?’’ gives a fascinating insight into the lives of youngsters who are thrust into looking after their relatives and provides a voice for their unspoken fears.

Written by Matt Woodhead and co-produced by The Lowry and LUNG Theatre in partnership with Greater Manchester charity, Gaddum and its Salford Carers Service, the play is funded by the Oglesby Charitable Theatre and the Leche Trust.

The play features 200 hours of interviews with four young carers in Salford about their lives, with input from their families and schoolteachers. Local councillors and MP Barbara Keeley also give their thoughts about the hard job these youngsters do and there are signposts to places and charities where help can be given.

Touring across the country, the venues for play have been chosen in places with extreme deprivation and where the need for support services is strongest and where there are low levels of people watching live theatre.

The play’s writer Matt Woodhead, said:

“Sharing the inspirational stories of young carers from Salford with audiences across the UK is a real privilege and a vital part of the campaign to raise awareness of this, often hidden, issue. With each venue we’re able to perform in we’ll educate more people about the plight of young carers and hopefully recruit them as advocates for better funding and support for these incredible young people.”

For tour dates and more information on this most interesting and exciting new play, please visit the LUNG Theatre’s website: www.lungtheatre.co.uk

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Photograph courtesy of LUNG Theatre

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