Superga – An Italian Classic

Little by little, the lockdown seems to be lifting. At the time of writing it is day 99.

The world changed suddenly, but slowly it feels as if that could be the same sensation at the tail end of all of this.

Now I know everyone (myself included) is probably bored to tears with talking, reading, thinking and hearing about this pandemic, but I haven’t been up to much else, so I’ll shift the subject in a minute! Plus, with the weather playing along, for the most part, we can begin to plan the return to il resto delle nostre vite!

The problem is, I am not sure I remember how I lived my life before. All I know is that my hair is longer, I know every single corner of my flat, I have gained weight, I have lost weight, I have learnt to juggle (poorly), I have learned to play the guitar (poorly) and had too much time to write… (poorly?)…Don’t answer that.

Claissic Italian footwear

All in all, I am a little anxious to pick up where I left off some months ago. I do however have one way to help alleviate these anxieties that I know I am not alone in. Get some new summer shoes.

Now we can start talking about something interesting!
In a word: Superga.
In a few more words: Superga 2490 COTU Yellow Golden.

For those not familiar with the brand Superga – “People’s Shoes of Italy”, it started way back in 1911 in Turin, Italy under the loving care and attention of Walter Martiny.

Once the grizzly business of the war had passed and production could begin again, Superga decided to bring their classically understated design to the masses. Increasing their product range with technical sport shoes, rubber rain boots and a growing range of colours and styles.

Golden Yellow Superga Shoes

The original 2750 design is still just as timeless as it was over a hundred years ago and has been transformed into flatforms, mid-tops and all weather conditions.

The model in question is the 2490 and resides as part of the FANTASIA collection. The 2490 takes on the classic shape inspired by skating shoes; a masculine reinterpretation of the ever-present 2750. It is made with a premium canvas upper, both breathable and resistant and a higher vulcanised rubber sole for extra comfort.

Personally, I can confirm that all of the above make for one comfortable shoe! Perhaps a little more stressful for those amongst us with flatter arches, but not to the extent that they can be counted out.

I have always been a bit of a peacock so opted for the Yellow Golden colourway. Bright as they are, they don’t undermine the versatile and subtle, build and cut of the 2490.

Shoe rubber soles

As for the feel and fit, if you don’t have a chance to try a pair on in-store, I would recommend sizing down half a size to ensure a snug fit that will last you all day.

These nifty little Italian numbers have quickly earned the number one spot for my daily go-to shoes. Perfect timing for these long hot summer days and nights! Excellent for a walk to the office, or the park. Or a barber..? Or a bar..? Or a restaurant..?!

Suffice to say, if my social skills let me down at least I won’t be caught in bad shoes.

Grab yourself a pair here:

Author Bio:

Sam Brady is a London based freelance writer and photographer covering travel and lifestyle.

Photographs by Sam Brady

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