Tips To Help You Beat The Odds And Win The Lottery

People everywhere dream of winning the lottery. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor. The thrill of picking the “lucky” numbers and winning all that money is just a thrill that everyone wants to experience. Maybe that is why people are always looking for the magic formula to winning.

Regardless of what people may tell you, there is no lucky formula to winning the lottery. There is no foolproof method of selection that will guarantee you a lottery win. But some things can help you beat the odds. These are based on logic and mathematical equations that are formed on data from past lottery wins. So, here are our tips on ways you may beat the odds and win the lottery.

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Tips to improve your chances

Join a syndicate

A syndicate is when a group of people chip in on a single lottery buy. If those numbers win, they split the prize. A lot of former winners will tell you not to join a syndicate but 1 in 5 lottery wins are won by syndicate members.

Choose lotteries with better odds

Take the time to find out which lottery has the best odds. Even small differences make a difference. You can get the information online. For example, on the Lottoland site, the Irish Lotto has much better odds than the UK Lotto or the Lotto X Five gives you 5 chances to win with one bet. Do your research, make your decisions and be ready before time to bet.

Play lotteries with lower prizes

This goes with the tip above. If you select a lottery that has a smaller purse, it will have fewer players. This increases your odds of winning. You may not be a millionaire on your first bet, but a half-million sounds sweet.

Bet more than once

Winning the lottery takes effort and time. You can expect to spend some money and time. Once you have chosen your range of numbers, bet them. Bet more than once. The more bets you place, the more chances you have of grabbing your numbers when they get close.

Be consistent

If you are going for the lottery, place your bet on the same night, around the same time. Be consistent.

Take advantage of System Bets

With system bets you get extra numbers and extra chances to hit the lottery. No, the computers are not programmed to make you lose and they are not programmed to make every X number of players win. They will simply give you six random numbers and a computer can think more randomly than we can.

Pick random numbers

It is amazing that people do not trust themselves to just be random. In the UK, 10,000 people use the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 every week. It can be a bit difficult to pull six numbers out of thin air, so think about your numbers before you play. Use some creativity.

Don’t choose consecutive numbers – it is just too rare to chance them

Use numbers over 31

Most people use dates in their “lucky numbers” like their birthday, anniversary, or child’s birthday. That means fewer numbers over 31 are used. It may not get you a jackpot, but it is a good way to improve your odds since nobody ever got married on March 42nd.

Lottery Games

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Odd Tips

Lucky Numbers

Lucky numbers. It seems everyone has a formula for picking lucky numbers. There is no proof that there are any lucky numbers. Lottoland is an authority on lotteries. They have lotteries in more than 30 countries. Their data shows that there are certain numbers that come up more often than others for different lotteries. Please understand that. Different numbers show up more often than not on particular lotteries. This means if someone tells you a group of numbers are lucky, you would need to ask them for which game. If you want to know which numbers come up the most for your favourite lottery, click here.


You don’t have to play the same lottery as everyone else. Go for the less popular lotteries and play more often. It is true, you will win less but, with fewer players you have a better chance of winning.

Don’t give up

Sometimes people place a bet and win the first time. Others play the same numbers week after week for months hoping for a win. But there are times when they just give up, only to hear a few weeks later that someone else won using “their” numbers. So Set your ritual and stick with it.

Set a budget

Set a budget for what you can afford and stick with it. Consider it like long-term entertainment. Do not be one of those people who just want to bet a little more and then worry all week about buying food or getting train fees.

There are many theories floating around about how to win the lottery. The fact is, there are no guarantees. Just play and have fun! The one thing you can be sure of is this. You have to get in it to win it.

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