Ukulele – The Ultimate Backpack-Friendly Instrument

If there’s one thing that can make the experience of travelling even better, it’s music. Headphones are great, but once I’ve exhausted my Guilty Pleasures playlist on Spotify, I always get the urge to make my own tunes. Here lies the problem. Like most travellers, I always try to pack as light as possible, so lugging a hefty guitar around with me just doesn’t work. So, when I come across the V2-SE SUN Ukulele by Baton Rouge, I may have just solved my issue. At a rucksack-friendly height of just 34cm, this beautifully designed Uke feels as if it was made for my backpack. And the sundial illustration around the sound-hole brings an instant sense of hippy Hawaiian heritage to my belongings.

With the Uke safely wrapped up in my clothes (special protective cases are available but I like to live dangerously), I set off at sunrise for Edinburgh Waverley Train Station to embark on my journey to the North of Scotland. The best thing about playing the Uke, is that every chord sounds happy. I can’t say the same for the morning commuters in the station… they should thank themselves lucky that I didn’t bring my amplifier. That’s right, this incredible ukulele has the option to be electric, but judging by sleep-deprived look on people’s faces as they wait for the first train of the day, today isn’t the day for that.

Playing the ukulele

SURPRISE! The train is delayed. As a chorus of grumbles echoes around the station, I contently take my seat on the floor and unleash my Uke. The sleek mahogany body looks divine, especially since it is coupled with a walnut fingerboard and bridge. As I pluck away at my new 4-stringed friend, conscious not to irritate the already irate commuters, I can’t help but notice a fellow backpacker give me a wide-eyed look of disbelief. I egocentrically assume he’s referring to my incredible musical talents, but alas, as he turns around, I see a guitar strapped to his back. Oh, what a pain that must be, I think (smugly).

If you’re looking to travel with an instrument, look no further than a Baton Rouge Ukulele. Not only are they visually remarkable, but they sound sensational as well. I’m almost certain my fellow travellers agree.

Author Bio:

John Harfield is a travel writer and photographer based in Edinburgh.

Photographs by John Harfield

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