Can’t You Hear Me Knocking? Not With Jabra Elite 65es!

Ever got last minute tickets to see your favourite band? Of course you have. Ever ridden the night bus home afterwards, listening to the group’s classic album?  Thought so.  Ever nearly lost your cool when some undesirables are yelling their budget-beered heads off on the top deck? Yep, me too.

After seeing one of the most energetic and memorable performances of my life, it’s after the Rolling Stones gig in Edinburgh that I find myself in the previously described situation. Sat right at the back of the bus (I should have known better from my school days), I’m surrounded by classic juvenile delinquents. Like any respectable fan in his mid-30s, I just want to sit back and relax on the Number 37, and audibly reminisce about the night’s performance.

Jabra Elite 65e in coffee shop

Judging by their counterfeit Ronnie Wood T-shirts, they too have been at the Murrayfield Stadium gig. In fact I’m almost certain one of them elbowed me in the head during a failed crowd-surfing attempt (my attempt, not his). I’m not sure if it’s the fact that teenagers now appreciate the same music as me, or that they are repeatedly butchering the chorus of ‘Brown Sugar’ but they are really starting to irritate me. Actually, it’s definitely the butchering. This is when I fire up my Bluetooth, stick in my Jabra Elite 65e’s and turn the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on. It’s only a 30-minute bus ride, but I am safe in the knowledge that even with ANC turned on, my Jabras will be powered for at least eight straight hours.

With my Jabra Elite personal equalizer profiles set just right, giving me the customised sound I crave, I close my eyes and try and block them out. The powerful ANC can completely block out their tone-deaf warbling, but it can’t block out the open can of beer they drop on my crotch. Not being able to hear, I open my eyes and see one of them mouth the words “Sorry mate”. I mouth something back, possibly a little more impolite. Luckily, my Jabras come with a 2-year warranty against water and dust. And hopefully cheap beer.

The Jabra Elite 65e’s come with Amazon’s virtual sound assistant, Alexa. As mighty as she is, Alexa can’t rid this bus of these kids when I whisper my desperate request to her. Oh how I wish I was at home. I bet Keith Richards doesn’t have to put up with this on his tour bus.

Using Jabra Elite 65e whilst working

When I finally reach my stop and give the kids my perfected middle-aged glare (that’ll teach them) I strut off down the steps in my best Jagger impersonation. I might not have the moves like Jagger, but his saintly sounds in my ears makes me feel like a rock star, especially when the quality is delivered through these magisterial headphones.

Your taste in music might not be the same as mine, but your night bus noise-cancelling needs are. Trust me. To get some Jabras and block out, well anything really, go to:

Author Bio:

John Harfield is a travel writer and photographer based in Edinburgh.

Photos courtesy of Jabra

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