We Enjoy The Wonders Of Wireless At The Edinburgh Christmas Markets

Have you ever been to the Edinburgh Christmas Markets? I have. Many a time. And I never get bored of them. Oh, the lights, the stalls, the screaming sugar-high teenagers. Okay, so actually that last bit I can do without. And that’s one of the many reasons I love the new Jabra Elite 25e. They simply drown out the outside world at the gentle press of a button. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for everybody to have a good time. But when I’m summiting the Big Wheel and I want to visually absorb the beauty of Scotland’s capital at night, the last thing I need is the shrieks of my excitable cabin-compadres violating my vibe. I turn on my Bluetooth buddies and start my Most Listened to Spotify playlist of the year. I’m not prepared to tell you what’s on this list, but I am prepared to say that no matter your taste in music, these headphones with make your tunes sound better than ever. Even when you’re 44 meters up in the air at the exceptionally windy Princes Street Gardens.

Jabra Elite 25e in The City

I can always guarantee a good time at the markets. Another thing I can guarantee is that it will be either windy or rainy. Or both…at the same time. Thankfully the Elite 25e’s are wind and water resistant, meaning even the wildest of winters nights can’t mute my music. The flexible neckband allows for all-day wearing, even when you haven’t got the buds in your ears. I let them hang loose as I order another mulled cider. That’s right, I said cider. Mulled wine is so last winter. As I take my first sip, my neckband vibrates, signaling that a call is coming in. I answer and discover it’s my brother… heading to the markets and asking me to get a round of something mulled in. And he’s bringing friends. Unfortunately, the call-connection of these headphones is too crisp for me to fake that he’s breaking up and my erratic Darth Vader-esq heavy breathing doesn’t pass for crackling. I hang up and reluctantly head back towards the bar. They should have called it Bar Humbug.

Jabra Elite 25e Lifestyle

With Christmas approaching and certain loved ones’ lists to Santa expanding rapidly, the great thing about these wireless headphones is the price. For what they offer, they are incredibly reasonable. To get yourself a pair, and find a bit of peace during the festive period, visit: www.jabra.co.uk

Author Bio:

John Harfield is a travel writer and photographer based in Edinburgh.

Photographs courtesy of Jabra

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