Jabra Elite Active 75ts: The Best Bluetooth Headphones For Exercise And Escaping Reality

The Jabra Elite Active 75ts are not only an excellent pair of bluetooth headphones, they offer a portal to your own little world.

When I exercise, I like to enter into an imaginary universe – one that’s highly influenced by whatever’s blaring in my ears. For cardio, I blast rock music. This means that I’m on stage, axe in hand, often gesturing at a fictional sound engineer to turn up the treble before unleashing a blistering solo. Weight training sees me taking the tempo down but maintaining similar energy levels by playing podcasts that often feature heated topical debates, ones that I frequently interrupt with the pause button to chime in with well-timed counterarguments and triumphant bons mots.

This behaviour might not make me the most approachable guy in the gym, but it entertains me enough to want to stay fit. However, a few things get in the way of my fantasies. No, it’s not disapproving glances by other members (I’m given a wide berth by now). It’s wires. Uncomfortable or loose earbuds. Poor sound quality. All of which I’ve experienced with earbuds in the past.

So, it was with more-than-a-little excitement that I opened up the box of Jabra Elite Active 75t bluetooth headphones, a set that collected several awards in 2020 for their style, fit, comfort and sound quality. Madison Square Gardens, dim your lights…

Navy Jabra elite active 75t

The first thing that impresses me is the size of the charging box. It’s half the size and weight of the chunky Sony WF-1000XM3 pair that I currently use and contains even more charge (“up to 28 hours (earbud 7.5 hours and charging case 20.5 hours”). So far, so great.

The earbuds themselves are incredibly light and comfortable and with the sound off you could easily forget that you’re wearing them. If you do want to just block out the world, there are two options for noise cancellation, ‘passive’ and ‘active’, depending on how far into your own rabbit hole you want to go. There’s also a HearThrough feature that allows you to toggle a slider to decide how much outside noise you want to allow in.

The touch controls are intuitive and uncomplicated. The ‘click to pause’ function – as opposed to just touching the bud – means that you won’t accidentally pause your show or song when wearing a beanie (this happens more often than you’d think with other headphones #struggleisreal). I’d love to see a ‘skip 15 seconds back’ function in a future update, so that you go totally hands-free from your phone.

These little buds are so comfy with decent audio quality that I’ve started using them for office work, errands, shopping and around the house. The wind resistance is also an excellent feature of the Jabra Elite Active 75ts; I tested them out on the Scottish coast where the wind is about as truculent as you can get outside of Siberia and I could still hear music and make calls even as my ears turned to ice. *Note to Jabra: a special earmuff accessory would be swell.

In terms of working out, I’ve put them through their paces by running, jumping and holding a side plank as long as possible (not gonna tell you how long… but it was ages, honest) and they remained secure.

Coupled with a healthy imagination and a wilful disregard for public humiliation, the Jabra Elite Active 75ts allow you to be anyone you want to be… yep, even that guy arguing with himself between bench presses before smashing an air guitar on the treadmill.

Prices start from £179.99, and you can get more information and a full list of specifications at Jabra Elite Active 75t.

Author Bio:

David Harfield is the director of PepperStorm Media and writes about his three passions: food, booze and travel.

Photographs courtesy of Jabra

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