Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothes with Fridja

Black Fridja f10 steamer

Faces aren’t the only things that get unsightly wrinkles and embarrassing creases. Our clothes do too.

The latest must-have travel accessory (for business and pleasure) is a take-anywhere, lightweight hand-held clothes steamer.

Easy-to pack and adapt, it saves on exorbitant hotel laundry charges, and all that faff working out how the trouser press works and how not to turn up at an important meeting with a scorched crotch.

Privately letting off steam is the smart thing to do before any occasion, business engagement, flight or cruise. We all want to convey that freshly sanitised and deodorised look. At all times. Rather than the crumpled Colombo one, as no one wants to leave the impression that they are misshapen.

We want something that will wipe out the wrinkles in an instant. We want a gadget to ensure a squadron of moths doesn’t fly out of our sleeve when we extend it in an introductory handshake.

Nor do we want to be the carrier of static electricity and, as soon as we shake hands with someone, make their hair shoot up vertically.

There is also nothing more embarrassing than one of your lapels suddenly deciding to develop a life of its own.

Not everyone can iron. But everyone can steam.

Every traveller should have a Fridja f10. Simply fill the water cartridge plug it in, wait a few seconds for it to heat up and let the crease-bashing and wrinkle-busting begin.

White Fridja f10 steamer
White Fridja f10 steamer

Cotton dress shirts demand steamers with a hot ironing plate. Using a vertical clothes steamer like the DIY Fridja f1000 clothes steamer will work well on suits and will not lead to any self-conscious shine.

Clothes steamers are very effective on silk and synthetics as well as wedding dresses. Using steam alone is much better for delicate materials.

The f10’s 1500 Watt heater starts in under 45 seconds. Its 260ml anti-calcium water tank lasts for 14 minutes of continuous high-temperature steam-cleaning.

A strong plume of steam is also ideal to freshen up soft furnishings, bedding and curtains if you are planning to invite someone back to your room.

The steamer is equipped with Eco Mode which means getting the same heat from the ironing plate, but less steam.

You also get bottle adaptor so you can leave the water tank at home and use water straight from a complimentary bottle of mineral water. There is a collar press for the best results with cuffs and collars and a folding clothes hanger.

So, there is no need to any longer be hung up about how scruffy and unrelaxed you and your chosen fabric look.

The Fridja f1500 produces five bars of pressure and comes with an enormous 3.8 litre tank and a flexible ironing board that slips into the main unit. It’s not the lightest of steamers, but a set of wheels increases its manoeuvrability.

But that’s rather like James Bond carrying around a bazooka all day rather than his Walther PPK.

For more information, please visit: www.fridja.com.

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Photographs courtesy of Fridja

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