The New Aston Martin DB11 Volante

The ultimate convertible Sports Grand Tourer has just been revealed by Aston Martin powered by an all new powerful 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine with deliveries beginning in Spring 2018.

This beautifully sleek car is built around an all-new bonded aluminium structure that was first seen when the DB11 Coupé was launched, making it not only lighter but also more rigid than its predecessor.

Rear view of Aston Martin DB11 Volante

The Volante’s 3-stage powertrain and chassis work in perfect harmony with the 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission.  The car has electric power steering and a limited-slip differential with dynamic torque vectoring giving the driver the ability to configure the way the car handles and behaves depending on the road conditions and his or her mood.

As you’d expect, there is a beautifully crafted leather interior which even includes a heated steering wheel as well as a tailored fabric 8-layer roof available in a choice of colours which takes just 14 seconds to lower and 16 seconds to raise.  You can even operate it at speeds of up to 31 mph, meaning no awkward moments trying to find a lay-by when the heavens open.  Add to that the specially forged strikingly beautiful alloy wheels and you have quite a package!

Volante Interior

Aerial view of Volante interior

This is the most technically advanced open-top Aston Martin ever built and engineered to offer the perfect balance of ride, handling, responsiveness and sheer refinement.

Aston Martin President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andy Palmer, said of the DB11 Volante: “For many of our customers, indeed many generations of Aston Martin customer, the Volante has always offered something very special: a unique combination of elegant style, innate sporting ability and sensory engagement that lifts it above other open-top cars. The new DB11 Volante captures those qualities perfectly and promises the kind of pleasure and enjoyment that can only come from driving an open-top Aston Martin”.

Sleek lines of the Volante

The new Volante is priced at £159,000 for the UK market, $216,495 in the US and €199,000 in Germany.  So, if you are looking for the ultimate Sports GT and able to write a large cheque, then you’d better put your order in tomorrow, as I have no doubt these cars will be snapped up pretty darn fast.  For me personally, I will just continue to drool over these beautiful pictures and dream on!

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor-in-Chief of Our Man On The Ground, a member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photographs courtesy of Aston Martin


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