The Volvo XC90: Is It The Ultimate Road Trip Vehicle?

If you’re thinking about going on a road trip in the not too distant future, it’s important to select the right car. Whether you choose to rent or purchase a car for this trip is entirely up to you and will likely depend on your budget and the distance that you are planning to travel. If you are heading out on a road trip that will last at least a few months, it might be best to buy. Alternatively, if you’re just heading away for the weekend, renting should suit you just fine. But which car should you choose for this type of excursion? Well, we think that the Volvo XC90 is the ultimate option here. Let’s look at why this is the case.

Safe as safe can be

If you’re heading out on a road trip than safety should be on your mind. Particularly, if you’re not heading out alone and instead will be taking your loved one or even your entire family. But there’s good news on that front. The XC90 is safe. It’s so safe in fact that there has never been a recorded fatality involving the car in the UK. That means that the car is safe for the driver, the passenger and even people outside it which is a pretty impressive achievement. But, we wouldn’t expect anything less than Volvo as they are constantly pushing for safer cars on the road.

The Volvo XC90 T8

So, what makes the Volvo XC90 so safe. Well, the latest model that you can buy has some impressive modern features. State of the art braking systems is complimented by a smart computer that may help you avoid a crash. Sensors allow the vehicle to recognize when a hazard might be apparent and help you avoid it. Think of it as the most basic form of autonomous driving. However, the vehicles safety features aren’t the only reason why we think it’s the perfect road trip vehicle.

Plenty of space

The XC90 is a large vehicle. Described as a luxury SUV, it provides plenty of room for an entire family in complete comfort. Checkout the car on a site like and you’ll see exactly what we mean. You can even fit in the weekly shop and the dog too. Although, you might avoid bringing the pet along because the interior of the vehicle is absolutely immaculate. Lovingly designed, these cars have been made to ensure that you actually enjoy the journeys and it doesn’t stop with the aesthetics. The vehicle also has fantastic suspension which means you won’t feel any bumps or jolts. That’s good news because you’ll definitely want to take this SUV for a spin off the road.

The Volvo XC90 D5 Inscription

Off the beaten track

Finally, a road trip doesn’t have to involve you heading into the wilderness and away from the tarmac. But, when you are controlling a car like this, you really should give it a go. Steering the vehicle and guiding it is effortless off the road but it’s still a fantastic deal of fun. You’ll love the power the Volvo XC90 provides while still allowing for you to travel in comfort even when you do head off the tarmac. If you want to learn more about fantastic off-road vehicles do check out

Photographs courtesy of Volvo Cars UK

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