5 Gadgets For Worry-Free International Travel

Summer is finally here, and you most probably already have your next vacation planned. And the only thing that sets a good holiday from a great one is adequate preparation. Booking flights and accommodations ahead of time, packing weather-appropriate clothes, and even planning your meals in advance will allow you to drastically reduce the number of stress factors during the trip.

Moreover, being properly equipped with a few handy gadgets can take your holiday to a new level of comfort. Several devices of different purposes, while they might seem insignificant or excessive, are indeed capable of helping you out in an emergency or just ensuring you’re ready to face any travel-related issues, such as poor internet connectivity or varying electrical plugs.

So, here are our five must-have gadgets for worry-free international travel:

Portable battery charger

For people with busy schedules and not-so-reliable smartphones, a power bank is an essential device in daily life, and it is something you definitely don’t want to forget when going on a trip. Apart from providing you with the ability to keep your other essentials – from vaping devices to even laptops – charged at all times, a portable battery charger reduces the worry of a dead cell phone, giving you peace of mind during the trip.

Today, you can find many different types of power banks, varying in capacity, size, and the kinds of outputs they include. As such, you can find a perfect one for your individual or travelling needs.

Unibank™ and smartphone

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E-cigarettes and vaping devices are more of a lifestyle choice, but if you’re an experienced smoker, packing an e-cig with you on a trip can come in handy. Vaping is not only less harmful to your health but also allows you to save some money when compared to smoking tobacco, especially if you’re tralveling to a country with high tobacco taxes, like Israel.

Besides, unlike regular cigarettes, vapes don’t produce any ash or bad smell, which is perfect for those who want to keep their belongings clean and avoid irritating people around them. However, keep in mind that while vaping might be allowed in your destination country, buying and selling e-liquids might be restricted. As such, make sure to check the current vaping regulations beforehand and stock up with your favorite nic salts before setting off.

Universal travel adapter

A travel adapter is one of those tiny gadgets people tend to forget most of the time when travelling internationally yet having one to hand can be a lifesaver. Unlike power banks, which can be used with any type of electronic device, an adapter is designed specifically for electrical plugs.

Depending on the country you’re visiting, the plugs and sockets used there might differ from those in your home country, and not all hotels provide visitors with adapters. Consequently, if you don’t have one on you, you might not be able to charge your devices when needed, after all, you also need to recharge your power bank once in a while.

Moreover, some adapters also include USB ports (allowing you to charge your gadgets directly from the socket) or a voltage converter. The latter will help keep appliances designed for 120V supply safe when connected to outlets with a much more powerful 220V or 240V supply in other regions of the world.

International Travel Adapter - Travel Gadgets

Image by aixklusiv from Pixabay

Noise-cancelling headphones

A good pair of noise-cancelling headphones is a must-have for any traveller. Whether you want to catch up on some sleep on a long flight or just need to concentrate on work in a noisy hotel room, these headphones will help you block out all the unwanted sounds and relax.

Many different types and models of noise-cancelling headphones are available on the market today, so you can easily find the perfect pair for your needs and budget. However, Bose QuietComfort 35 is one pair you may want to consider first and is a top choice among avid travellers and digital nomads alike.

GPS tracker

Losing your luggage is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you when travelling. Not only does it ruin your plans for the trip, but it also puts you in a frustrating situation, especially if you have to deal with the airline and spend an absurd amount of time sorting this out instead of sightseeing.

Fortunately, modern technology has a solution for this as well – a GPS tracker. These tiny devices can be easily slipped into your carry-on bag, your laptop or even your pocket, and they will help you locate your belongings if they get lost during the trip. Today’s most commonly used trackers include Samsung SmartThings Tracker, Apple’s AirTag, and Tile Mate.


While these are only a few of the essential devices to have on an international trip, they are capable of making your trip more convenient and enjoyable. The best way to equip yourself with everything you might need abroad is to research your destination country first. That way you’ll better understand the local restrictions and differences from your home country and be able to go prepared.

Besides, gadgets like a battery charger or a GPS tracker won’t take up too much of your luggage space but can really help you out in emergencies. So, make sure you pack everything you need and get ready for your next adventure!

Headphones photograph courtesy of Jabra

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