Authentic Souvenirs to Bring Home from Iceland

Iceland is a gorgeous island country located North of the Atlantic Ocean. It stands out for its unique culture, climate and geography. When you think of Iceland, you think of natural landscapes, volcanoes and impressive nature all around. While on a trip it’s always fun to go shopping for local products to bring home for friends, family and yourself.

Here are some of the most unique souvenirs to bring home from Iceland.

1. Blue Lagoon skincare products

Icelandic skincare in general is well-known worldwide for its natural ingredients and top-notch quality. Among the best skincare you can find in Iceland is by the brand created by the Blue Lagoon spa, that uses only locally sourced and pure ingredients, creating luxurious products such as the Blue Lagoon body oil. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about running out of these products once you’re back home as you can repurchase them on their online shop.

2. A traditional wool sweater

The Icelandic woollen jumper called Lopapeysa is a traditional Icelandic garment made in the country. Typically, this sweater is made using pure unspun sheep’s wool and is extremely warm. They can also be kept dry since the wool has more air than many other yarns, adding to moisture resistance. The lopapeysa is a staple of the Icelandic wardrobe, and these garments will keep you warm and dry all winter long.

Reykjavik in Iceland

Image of Hallgrímskirkja Church in Reykjavik by Marcel Dominic from Pixabay

3. Omnom chocolate

One of the most appreciated confectioneries in Iceland, Omnom chocolate, is perfect for all friends who love the design or chocolate. The blending of the local flavours and the chocolate gives it a unique taste, and it is among the top-rated confectioneries in Iceland.

4. Icelandic alcohol

If you plan a trip to Iceland, one of the most popular alcoholic drinks you can choose from is Brennivín. This alcohol is made with arctic cumin, giving the vodka a distinct taste. A popular choice for tourists, Brennivín sells out quickly as it is one of the most unique drinks you should try in Iceland.

5. Icelandic jewelry

Jewelry is a fantastic souvenir and a great purchase if you’re looking for a gift for someone back home. There are multiple unique Icelandic pieces of jewelry the country is famous for. Since Iceland is blessed with different rock formations, the best souvenir to purchase is jewelry made of rock and other natural substances. If it’s polished, it is most likely not Icelandic lava. Confirm with the shop to be sure of what you are purchasing.

With Iceland being famous for attracting visitors because of its volcanic activity, a better way to commemorate your visit is by taking home some lava rock. Get the rocks and lava coasters in jewelry stores already incorporated for designs, since picking up your own is strictly against the law.

Top image of Icelandic village and church by naturfreund_pics from Pixabay

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