Health Insurance For Digital Nomads

There is no doubt that the global pandemic we have endured for the last almost two years has changed life as we know it in many ways, none more so than in the way we work.

Locking countries and whole economies down 15 or even 10 years ago would have been unthinkable, as technology, as advanced as it was, would not have allowed millions of people to work online effectively in their own home or do home schooling online. High speed broadband and decent connectivity has only been available to the vast majority of people within the last few years, and the new 5G mobile network is only now about to be launched in the United States and not without its own problems which has meant its delay.

A recent survey indicated that two thirds of workers in the UK are looking to change job this year as time on their hands at home and perhaps being furloughed, has meant a rethink of  their work-life balance and what it is they would really like to do, given that connectivity means if they can do their job from home, then they can just effectively do it from another country, and I have heard many examples of people who have done just that during the lockdowns.

Whilst it sounds rather glamorous to up sticks and move to another country, there are a number of things you need to consider. For example, living in the UK we perhaps take the NHS for granted, but what would you do if you fell ill or needed treatment for a health condition whilst working abroad?

There are a number of companies that will offer you health insurance, but at a premium price you may not wish to pay. But what if there was a cheaper alternative?

Well, the good news is that PassportCard, with a network spanning over 150 countries, has recently launched a cutting-edge new health insurance service designed specifically for digital nomads and remote workers that offers a fuss free, digital service with a personal touch.

PassportCard is transforming what has been a static insurance market into a more dynamic, digital-friendly space by equipping users with one simple and 100 percent tailored tool, namely the PassportCard red credit card.

What this means is that should you require a doctor or have a medical emergency whilst abroad, a dedicated app simply ‘tops up’ the card in real time, providing location agnostic and comprehensive protection, giving you peace of mind.

Additional good news is that there is no paperwork or red tape involved, with the insurance providing a highly bespoke and flexible plan, no matter where you live or at what stage of your travels you are at.

CEO of PassportCard Nomads, Leor Catalan, commented:

“Now is a really important time for PassportCard, as we enhance our offering and respond to demand during this ongoing, challenging time for the world. Our end-to-end, digital insurance product is a creation of diligent marketplace analysis and our commitment to putting customers and their needs first.

“Now, for the very first time, there is a serious insurance option available for the digital nomad community – no matter where they are – that works in real-time and without the burden of laborious paperwork. Our mission is to be the ultimate travel companion for customers. Our dedicated app and trusty red card frees our customers up to focus on the things that really matter – living life to the fullest.

“We look forward to becoming a reliable problem solver for nomads and remote workers whilst delivering our relentless commitment to purpose, passion and people.”

For more information on PassportCard and international health insurance, please visit:

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground, a member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Images by Matthias Zeitler from Pixabay

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