Where To Propose To Your Girl In Winter

Did you know that over 40 percent of proposals take place between November and February? There’s a reason it’s called proposal season! So, whether you want to escape the cold and propose in a sunny place, or your fantasy proposal involves softly falling snow and snuggling up to keep one another warmer, we’ve got all the winter proposal inspiration you’ll need with our top greatest proposal places to answer “where to propose?”


Paris, as people say, is really a wise idea… and winter is no exception. With fewer visitors in town and an extra reason to hug each other tight (thank you, winter weather), planning the perfect romantic proposal moment will seem nearly straightforward (at least, that’s what your future spouse will believe).


If the moment the weather gets cold, you can’t stop fantasising about palm trees and sunny skies, Singapore may be your happy place. Leave the jackets and mittens at home, put on your warm-weather attire, and start packing because the beautiful island of Singapore boasts a plethora of suitable proposal venues ideal for popping the question.


There’s an obvious romanticism in the air in Europe during the winter. During the winter months, Budapest’s stunning architecture appears even more enticing. In addition, the lovely Christmas markets that crop up all around town are the ideal romantic pastime. Consider this: glittering lights, warming cups of wine, hand-in-hand browsing of handcrafted items… all signals lead to yes!

Times Square and Broadway in New York City

New York City

9/10 experts believe that winter in New York City is magnificent. Seriously, there are so many legendary winter classics in New York City, from ice skating at Rockefeller Center in front of its dramatically sparkling Christmas tree, to admiring Macy’s prestigious window displays and going for a night out on Broadway, what further would you need to boost up the romance leading up to your wedding?


Tulum is a fantastic proposal destination, with its gorgeous light coastlines, ancient Mayan ruins overlooking the sea, and lush rainforests. If sun, sand, and waves are calling your name, this laid-back locale is the ultimate winter proposal location. Furthermore, how romantic would it be to throw the proposal before a swim in a cenote for two?


Chicago is undeniably gorgeous. Its renowned skyline is equally as beautiful during the day as it is at night. And what happens when the entire city morphs into a real-life snow globe for the winter? It’s difficult not to get smitten. Chicago is a hub for some of the top proposal places in the world, from locales with breathtaking skyline vistas to more secluded tiny city corners.


You won’t even drop a sweat touring Lisbon’s lovely hills and tiled buildings in the winter because of the cooler weather and fewer people. Lisbon’s beauty is multi-faceted, making it one of the year’s trendiest destinations for a variety of reasons. Tiny stores, lively markets, a dynamic culinary culture, breathtaking vistas, and delightfully stunning historic landmarks will have you in love and ready to say I do.

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