Virgin Atlantic Launches Sleep By Headspace

Headspace, the leading meditation and mindfulness app has recently launched ‘Sleep by Headspace’ in-flight content with their long-standing airline partner Virgin Atlantic in an effort to help pilots, flight crew and their passengers get some meaningful rest and help manage jetlag and travel-related stress whilst travelling on long-haul flights.

All of Virgin Atlantic’s pilots and cabin crew members are required to take crew rest during flights. Many of these crew members choose to partake in meditation or sleep casts to help them get the most out of their down time. A recent survey among Virgin Atlantic staff found that some 80% meditate with Headspace at least a few times a week, and over half said that they felt much happier and more focused and productive as a result.

Some of Virgin Atlantic’s crew members have co-created some testimonial videos (see below) that are to be featured on board flights, in which they share their personal experiences and the real-life benefits of Sleep by Headspace on their long-haul travels which involve overnight flight and stays, many of which take them through different time zones, when rest and getting some sleep is so important.

Headspace has been working with Virgin Atlantic since 2011 when the airline first launched guided meditation content as part of their inflight entertainment programme on-board their planes, in order to help manage and alleviate travel-related stress while flying.

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Launched exactly a year ago, ‘Sleep by Headspace’ is specifically tailored to help create the ideal conditions for a healthy and restful sleep. The new collection is based on prototypes tested with real users, as well as a careful review of existing clinical research. The newly created Sleepcasts are narrated by soothing, unique voices who guide the listener through each dreamy environment. Virgin Atlantic are currently offering six of Headspace’s most popular Sleepcasts, Sleep Sounds and Wind Downs to help passengers get some rest while flying long-haul and through different time zones.

Dan Kessler, VP of Global Business Development at Headspace, said: “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Virgin Atlantic to address one of the most crucial roles in employee wellbeing and productivity: sleep. We have already seen positive results such as an increase in focus and productivity by providing Headspace to the Virgin Atlantic pilots, crew and staff as they manage workplace stress and jet lag. We’re excited to provide Sleep and other Headspace mindfulness content to passengers as they go through the heavy summer travel season.”

Rebecca Creer, who is Spas and Styling Manager at Virgin Atlantic said: “Virgin Atlantic is excited to continue our partnership with Headspace and lead the industry in mental health awareness efforts. We started using Headspace on-board our aircrafts over seven years ago as we recognised the need and importance of this type of content, but since then the world has gotten busier and noisier. Caring for our customers and staff is always priority, and thanks to Sleep by Headspace we can now provide yet another tool to make their flights easier and help our customers feel less anxious and get better sleep in a simple and effective way.”

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