The Best Student-Friendly Countries To Visit

Lisbon Tram

For students, travelling overseas is both an educational and stimulating experience. However, it can be quite costly and so choosing where to go is an important decision, but there are plenty of budget-friendly places you can travel to, as we take a look at some of the more student-friendly countries to visit.


Thailand in Southeast Asia is a popular student destination, and has earned worldwide recognition for its picturesque beaches, dynamic nightlife and mouth-watering street cuisine. It is also an excellent choice for budget-restricted students seeking adventure. The cost of living in Thailand is comparatively modest compared to other sought-after tourist spots, and you can find numerous budget-friendly places to stay.

From an educational point of view, there are lots of century-old shrines to visit, as well as hiking in the dense forest, or participating in an authentic Thai culinary course. Additionally, the tourist regions in Thailand have a high proficiency in English, making it relatively straightforward to explore and communicate with the locals. While travelling in Thailand and experiencing new cultures, it’s important to remember your academic responsibilities. To balance both, reading a WritePaperForMe review may be helpful. By using their expertise, you can trust that your papers will be completed on time and to a high standard whilst enjoying your travels and not letting academic commitments hold you back from experiencing life a little, relying on expert assistance to help you achieve your educational and personal goals.


Turning to Europe, Portugal is a popular destination for students to visit with its vibrant past and rich history to explore as well as the beautiful shorelines and beaches. Unlike many other European countries, Portugal’s living costs are relatively modest, with an array of affordable lodging options to suit every traveller, ranging from economical hostels to snug Airbnb rentals.

Portugal also has a highly efficient public transportation system that will suit budget-conscious travellers, making exploring the country’s attractions a lot easier without making a big dent in your holiday budget. Students looking to broaden their horizons can immerse themselves in the vibrant ambiance of cities such as Lisbon and Porto, enjoy relaxing on the sun-kissed beaches along the Algarve Coast, or take in in the exquisite flavours of Portuguese cuisine and all it has to offer.

Cancun Beach

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Another popular country for students to visit is Mexico with its diverse and captivating assortment of adventures, cultural experiences and nightlife that collectively provide a fascinating and exhilarating experience for students. For example, scholars can explore the ancient Mayan ruins, indulge themselves in the refreshing crystal-clear waters of cenotes or simply enjoy the sunshine and breathtaking scenery of Mexico’s picturesque beaches.

For those looking for a culinary experience, Mexico’s cuisine has plenty to offer, and the cost of dining out is remarkably affordable. There are also many economically viable lodging options readily accessible to students. Mexico City’s rich culture is worth experiencing as is the city’s vibrant nightlife. Cancun is also worth a visit for its nightlife as is enjoying a dip in the effervescent turquoise waters of the Riviera Maya.


If you head further south, you will find the South American country of Peru, whose singular allure derives from its eclectic mixture of cultural, historical and natural beauty and where you can explore the old ruins of Machu Picchu or go trekking through the awe-inspiring Andes Mountains or take a culinary journey of the tantalizing Peruvian cuisine.

Another advantage for students is that the cost of living in Peru is comparatively low when compared to some other South American countries, and there’s an abundance of affordably priced accommodation. There is lots to enjoy in the vibrant cities of Lima and Cusco or venture out to the amazing and colourful Rainbow Mountain.


Located in Central Europe, Hungary is steeped in history and beautiful architecture. It’s an ideal place for students to visit as it has a comparatively economical standard of living and a wide range of reasonably priced lodging for the budget-conscious traveller that includes snug hostels and chic Airbnb accommodations, all of which will satisfy the necessities of the most discerning traveller.

Hungary also has a very good public transportation system making it easy to get out and explore all the country has to offer. Whether you’re a scholar or an experienced traveller, it’s worth exploring the charming city of Budapest, bask in one of Hungary’s numerous therapeutic thermal spas or enjoy some excellent Hungarian cuisine.


There are plenty of affordable countries students can visit without having to spend an arm and a leg. The five countries we have listed here offer something for everyone, whatever their budget, and the opportunity to explore the country’s rich culture, history and excellent cuisine, giving you an unforgettable experience.

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