Dye House – Providence

Dye House in Providence

Behind the barn door that all but brands New England, neighboring the mills to which it once belonged, Dye House in Providence, Rhode Island, packages an impossible amount of panache within some pretty petite packaging, much as the storied land it lives on.

Three sun washed suites and one expansive loft surround a glorious event space, that comprises the entirety of the Dye House. Home to a history of makers, Olneyville, this historic little nook in Providence, manufactured masses of textiles and cutlery, steel and locomotives. In the mid-1900s, the humming streets fell on desperate times. Today, creativity and ingenuity collaborate to repurpose one mill at a time. Here, you can stay in one.

And in doing so, you can submerge yourself inside the eye of local artisans as dedicated to their craft as Dye House is to showcasing them. Creativity and community collaborate to beautify a space that already had such a good story to tell. Now, it’s all decked out and destined for hosting.

Dye House Bedroom

Completely curated without a hint of precious, each room reads like fabulous apartment decorated by your bold and stylish friend who isn’t afraid of a little color or some aggressive power clashing.  We are in the home of artists.

The Loft is particularly awesome. Sprawling, soaring, it sleeps two, but there’s plenty of seating for six, both on the couch and at the dining table. There’s a stocked gourmet kitchen, towering ceilings (my favorite), a private bedroom beneath the arcade featuring a plush Tuft & Needle mattress dressed in crisp Brooklinen, a plate wall designed for shopping, and aesthetic pops at every turn. While it has an occupancy of two, four additional guests are allowed as long as visitors depart by 10pm. Everything about this space says dinner with friends. Including the little private patio beneath the string lights.

Dye House used to be a part of a large wool mill complex, hence that cute little sheep in their logo. Down the street, Gotham Greens, one of the largest greenhouses in the country, transformed an abandoned space. The foundry is now The Steel Yard, an industrial art space and live-work studio. And Colonial Knife has been given new life as What Cheer Flower Farm where flowers are grown and donated.

Dye House dining room table

It’s not every day you get to bunk in a bevy of bespoke design. And it’s not every day you feel held by the hands of history and the future of artisanship all at once. Travel is inspiring by the very frequency that courses through us when so much stimulus is novel and new. But it’s a different vibration entirely, when a place feels so symbiotic and synchronized with its surroundings. It could easily become the thing you didn’t know you were looking for, when you set out to see the world. Either way, a sentiment to settle into, and to celebrate, at Dye House.

The Details

Dye House, 46 Dike Street, Providence, RI 02909, United States.

Website: www.dyehouseri.com

Email hello@dyehouseri.com

Located at the corner of Dike Street and Troy in Olneyville, a neighborhood of Providence, Dye House is 2.4 miles from Brown University and 2.1 miles from the Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art. Free parking is available for guests.

Type of Hotel: Boutique Hotel

Number of Rooms: 4 rooms plus an event space and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Price Band: Low to medium

Insider Tip: Great place to feel the essence of the Providence culture as art and charm are literally coming out of the walls. Enjoy the ease of the place, with only four rooms, you pull up, park, pop in the code, and you’re in.

Reviewer’s Rating: 8/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles.

Photographs courtesy of Dye House


  1. I am planning our east coast college tour this summer, and since Brown is probably a stop, this is perfect!! How do you find the perfect places at the perfect times? And so cute for the price, which, when we’re making like 5 city stops in 10 days is key!

    • AND, even though you’ll want to stay longer, you can book a room for just one night. Helpful when scheduling a whirlwind I-95 tour!

  2. I don’t know how you always find the most unique and welcoming locations, but you do! I’m intrigued and hope to visit Rhode Island soon. I’d love to stay at Dye House.

  3. Wow! That is beautiful! I love the linens, the bed, the colors of the dining are. You can tell it is a well design space. Gorgeous. And I’m so happy they are repurposing these great old spaces.
    Simple and beautiful!

  4. My neighbors daughter is also at RISD. Can’t wait to pass this on to her. What a great find!

    • Super cute place
      Been looking for somewhere like this there
      For sure look into booking
      Thanks for the find!

  5. That dining room is begging me to come and have a meal and then stay the night or two or three. Can’t wait to visit someday soon.

  6. We are planning a trip to the east coast this summer and this looks like a must. Love the design and the history, quintessential New England! Great find.

    • Julie – what a find! You know am from CT and seeing this makes me miss home.
      Love places like this! Well done!!

  7. This place looks fantastic. I love the look and feel!! I can’t help but imagine the designers went to RISD. I can’t wait to stay there on out next trip to RI.

    • Right?? It’s really a phenomena, how inspired we feel just being embedded in all that creativity. Such a cool contagion factor. .

  8. Wow wow wow! This review makes me want to push RI up to the top of our “To See” list! This place just sounds so charming and novel!

  9. this gem has everything i love in a living space! Now I just need to plan a trip to RI!!! we even have the same rug and bed linens #soulmates

  10. ״held by the hands of history and the future of artisanship all at once.״ so romantic and full of artistic atmosphere. Definitely a different experience. Sounds like a gem.

  11. “It could easily become the thing you didn’t know you were looking for, when you set out to see the world.”


  12. A stop at the Dye House is a wonderful reason to journey to Providence (a place that I’ve never visited) on my next trip to the east coast. I’m looking forward to it.

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