How To Plan a Romantic Getaway on a Motorboat


Seeking something spectacular for your next holiday with your loved one? Seasoned sailors should plan a romantic getaway on a motorboat, the perfect combination of adventure and intimacy.

Britain boasts a wealth of sensational sailing spots, whether you want to roam rivers and lakes or explore along the coastline. These idyllic destinations are sure to have you falling in love all over again.

Safety first

With any trip, it is always safety first. This is especially important for a holiday on the water because you are utterly reliant on your vessel.

Begin by ensuring that the boat is in good working order, checking all appliances and systems including the engine. You can do this yourself or enlist a professional for more peace of mind. You may also find it reassuring to investigate the option of motorboat insurance for your holiday.

Afterwards, establish that you have all essential safety equipment on board before you set sail. This will include:

  • Life jackets
  • Life rafts and oars
  • Communication devices
  • Life-saving signals like a flare
  • Fire safety equipment
  • First Aid kit

Finally, don’t forget to monitor the weather for your trip dates and prepare accordingly. If you are sailing along the coastline, keep an eye on the conditions at sea and research applicable tide times.

Choose a destination

Once you’ve made sure that your vessel is seaworthy, it’s time to choose a destination.

The key to finding the right location is to ask yourselves what you want from your romantic getaway. Do you need peace and quiet or would you prefer a livelier atmosphere? Are you hoping for glorious seascapes or the wildlife and flora of more central countryside?

Inland hotspots include Loch Lomond in the Scottish Highlands, beloved for its stirring scenery, and the scintillating River Wey that runs through Surrey. You could also sail along the Thames to take in the iconic buildings of England’s capital from the water.

A particularly special option is the Broads National Park in Norfolk and Suffolk. This network of 125 lock-free waterways is a peaceful playground with plentiful wildlife.

Pack the essentials

Make sure that you pack the essentials so that you are prepared for any event.

Think about the changeable nature of British weather and ensure you are protected, rain or shine. Pack suncream, sunglasses and a hat, as well as a waterproof jacket and warm clothing. Non-slip footwear is also recommended to safeguard against trips and falls when moving around the boat.

Don’t overlook the equipment you need for any additional activities you have in the pipeline such as fishing or snorkelling. Camping supplies might also come in handy if you’re not organising accommodation in advance.

Enhance the romance

This is a special getaway with your partner, so take steps to make it feel romantic!

Put together a meal plan including their favourite foods and be indulgent with drinks and snacks. Make meals magical with a picnic blanket and candles and bring a portable speaker to play the perfect soundtrack.

Comfort is key to consistent happiness while on board, so invest in soft blankets and cushions. This will also make the motorboat feel homely, encouraging rest, relaxation and joy.

Top image by Freddy from Pixabay

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