Amara Kitchen, Los Angeles

I get very excited about restaurants that get as excited about food as I do. Not in the fussy way, that has its place and definitely its aesthetic appeal. But when meals are prepared in a way where you know the chef is as pumped for you to enjoy it as much as they enjoyed preparing it, that’s the hook. That’s the restaurant I can’t resist.

Amara Kitchen was born from the intent to lionize our legacy of food not just as function, but as a fundamental ingredient in life as it was meant to be relished. Health is collective, but dietary interpretations of such, not so. And so, Amara Kitchen, with a celebratory spin on nutritive reinvention, has lusciously reinterpreted the classics to match our contemporary needs. Paleo, Gluten free, vegan… it’s all back on the table for you.

Here, breakfast, brunch, and lunch are an all-day affair. No rushing so you don’t miss a menu item, no more wishing you could order lunch at breakfast, breakfast for lunch. The menu is a free for all and with that I do mean all. There’s a legend and everything.

Amara Kitchen burritos

Ordering, or selecting rather, may provide a challenge. Seems they’ve incorporated the kaleidoscopic into practically every meal, with so much taste and texture integrated, you may just want to stay the day. Pumpkin buckwheat pancakes. Bossy egg sandwich. Heirloom beans and rice bowl. Each with a handy little insignia beside indicating which dietary reinterpretations are possible.

There was so much I wanted to try. The Amara burrito was a must, and it was excellent. The salsa verde and cilantro add that extra tang, and the purple potatoes were a fun addition. The New Grains brown rice, flax, psyllium husk tortilla wraps it all up in something earthy and complimentary. We tried both the Paleo Pancakes and the Buckwheat Pancakes (because pancakes), both delicious, dotted in decadent berries, and completely kid friendly. We couldn’t eat anymore at one sitting… but if we could. They make their own almond cashew milk, so next time, next latte. If you’re partial to bounties of rainbows in your bowl, be prepared to leave happy.

It’s order at the counter casual, take your number and get excited about what’s coming next. With a name that sources from “amaranth,” translation, unfading, I hope the same is true of this Highland Park star. In a time where a spectrum of need has never been more apparent, as well as a broader respect for the diversity of such, what we put in our bodies is certainly as worthwhile a place to begin as any.

The Details

Amara Kitchen, 519 North Avenue 64, Los Angeles, CA 90042, USA.

Tel: +1(323) 255-2220



Located in Highland Park, take the 110N towards Pasadena (if coming from LA) and get off at Marmion Way / Ave. 64. Make a left and you’ll find Amara on Avg. 64 at the corner of Repton Street. Parking is tricky, so be prepared that you may have to drive around a bit before you find a space. The restaurant is open daily from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Type of Restaurant: Organic, health focussed restaurant offering breakfast, brunch and all-day lunch

Price Band: Medium and very reasonably priced

Insider Tip: Take note! Amara Kitchen is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm only. Gluten Free, Vegans, Paleo… all will leave sated. Catering options available as well.

Reviewer’s Rating: 8/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles.

Photographs by Jolie Loeb


  1. I’m attracted to of course the pancakes… the picture made my
    mouth water. I can’t wait to go!
    Thank you for sharing this gem.

  2. This sounds like such a fabulous spot!! I don’t often make it to this side of town but now I have some motivation !! Yummm!!! Thanks for sharing his fantastic find with us!!

  3. Oh yum!!!! This restaurant sounds DELISH!!!! I don’t often make it to this side of town but now I have some motivation !! Thanks for sharing his fantastic find with us!!

  4. Nice to learn of a place where my favorite meal (breakfast) is served all day and can accommodate all different types of dietary restrictions. Looking forward to visiting soon.

  5. Such yumminess! I’d travel across the world for a place that can accommodate my crazy diet with such simple class!

  6. This looks fantastic, but I have to say, the place where you get me is that they’re cool with substitutions! So many places won’t (which I get, small cafes with organic ingredients are expensive and have small staff), but I’m not talking about crazy subs, but just a “leave out the hot peppers for my kids, please” kind of stuff… making this an actual yummy, healthy place I can take the family! Yay!

  7. I just moved to the area and I’m SUPER EXCITED about this place!
    I have a very sensitive stomach so I rarely get to eat out, but their BURRITOS are AMAZING! I’m so HAPPY to find a place that’s healthy enough for me ☺️☺️🙏🏼

  8. Nice to see a local restaurant care about their food as well as their customers. Too many chain food restaurants who really don’t care if you come or go. Not a big fan of counter ordering, but if they can go the extra mile, so can I. Pancakes, here I come.

  9. My daughters LOVE pancakes and we keep trying new places. Amara Kitchen will be our next stop!!! It looks YUMMY!!! A plus they serve Paleo food!!!!
    Wait for us Amara =)

  10. How am I not living above, below, or next to this place!? What’s more, I’m far, far away in Wisconsin, sometimes in Canada. But one this is very certain – I’m going to Amara Kitchen straight from LAX once I come back home!

  11. This place looks delish! Even for the particular-about-their-food one in the family. Def worth a visit. Oh and your pics are awesome:)

  12. Absolutely love hearing about new restaurants… especially cool ones with good vegetarian options since my daughter is vegatarian. Thanks for the great “ head up”!

  13. Ahh, if only I lived in LA! This would for sure be a regular go to for me. The food looks amazing coupled with their philosophy about what they serve…Second location – Toronto? We need an Amara Kitchen!

  14. Organic, health focused, substitutes? You got me there! Sounds delish and worth a try. Also your pics are awesome:))
    Sounds like our whole family would love it.

  15. I’m so happy to learn about this restaurant! This menu looks spectacular and is so up my alley – we are changing our reservations for tomorrow night!

  16. This review makes we want to consider a healthier option for today! Actually it looks a good option for catering for our picky production crews with a million different dietary restrictions. Thanks for finding these little jewels.

  17. Sounds so wonderful!! I always love your descriptions of places!! I will go and take all my friends. Thanks for another great review!!

  18. That photo of your food looks amazing. I think I need to go spend a day there eatng my way through the menu. Thank you for making my plans! Another place to put on my To Go list. It looks and sounds amazing. Thanks for the rec!!

  19. I always love a true neighborhood restaurant. Amara Kitchen fits perfectly in Highland Park, with a great mix of families, hipster friends, and hardcore laptopers cranking away on a Sunday morning. Everyone looked at ease with the warm, attentive staff creating a bustling, but welcoming environment. But really, it’s about the food. I got the breakfast sandwich, which was really quite delicious and worth a try. Of course, next time, I’ll stick to one of my “truths” when it comes to breakfast: if they have a breakfast burrito, order the breakfast burrito. It was awesome. The buckwheat pancakes are great too! Definitely worth a try next time you’re near Highland Park!

  20. Delicious and healthy?! Looks great. On my list for my next LA visit.
    A shout out to my fav lifestyle writer.

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