Brewery Gulch Inn

Brewery Gulch Inn view

A Lincoln Log treehouse. A rustic refuge refined in restoration and homage. Brewery Gulch Inn is a Mendocino manifest of preservation and tribute, standing as steward, an eco-conscious construction of relaxation, regeneration and ever restful reverence.

So, it’s not actually composed of Lincoln logs, but for sure that was the nostalgic thrill that initially captivated me. It is composed of 150-year-old redwood timber eco-salvage, pulled from Mendocino’s Big River. And it was this recover and mill mission that laid the literal and figurative foundation for the eco-centric ethos that defines the Brewery Gulch Inn experience.

So, if the lodge exterior is what lures you, that stunner of a Great Room will grip you and keep you. Sun drenched from the top down (complements of the three storied skylight) and the sides in (those 13ft French doors), it is a woodland scene awash in aglow. The invitation to plunk down in an overstuffed craftsman chair, help yourself to a pastry (available all day), some coffee (that too), maybe a selection from the 500+ DVD collection, somewhere situated around the shipbuilder built four-sided steel and glass fireplace, is irresistible. Or you can sit outside on weathered wooden chair. And be inside the view.

Brewery Gulch Inn Main Building

The guest rooms are just as thought driven. Set in soothing tones, deep chocolate browns and warm wheats, all but the Meadowood Suite feature an ocean view. A gas fireplace, a down comforter and pillows, Asprey and Molton Brown amenities – the flowers are fresh and the club chairs are leather. The rooms succeed in extending the want for an extended stay.

And on par with the environs inside and outside those redwood trimmed doors. Executive Chef Stephen Smith brings his (James Beard recognized) excellence into the Brewery Gulch Inn kitchen. A hallmark of seaside and seasonally driven creations, both the breakfast offerings and evening provisions are remarkable.

Conservationists will feel so at peace here. Thoughtfulness diffuses throughout, from construction to completion, habitat is honored foremost. In my experience there aren’t a lot of locations that allow you to feel like it’s the planet you’re healing while you’re vacating. This one does.

Brewery Gulch Inn Dishes

Novelty nourishes something so vital within us. The feeling, the awakening, it is so powerful, and maybe never more apparent as when we travel. Mendocino is a small town. It conveys that rustic coastal quaint that we can easily forget, is actually real. Meadow set, with the deer and the hummingbirds and the Pacific, is you. First time or returning regular, it will leave you feeling like something you didn’t know you were missing has been replenished and restored.

And you, revitalized.

The Details

Brewery Gulch Inn, 9401 North Highway One, Mendocino, CA 95460, United States.

Tel: +1(707) 937-4752 / +1 800-578-4454


The closest airport is San Francisco International (SFO) which is about a 3½ hour drive north. Take the 101 to the 128 to the 1, just before Mendocino. Free self-parking is available.

Type of Hotel: Boutique Inn

Number of Rooms: 10 rooms

Price Band: Medium

Insider Tip: If you’re traveling with kids, request a connecting room.  They have one room that accommodates four.

Reviewer’s Rating: 8/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles.

Photographs by Jolie Loeb


  1. Pastry and coffee all day— yes please.
    Sounds wonderfully cozy and warm in a grand, yet quiet way!
    Thanks for another wonderful review.

  2. I have GOT to see that fireplace in the winter. Reading and sipping something delicious would ba heavenly. We love these articles about outstanding properties. So well written and such a planning go-to for future trips! Please keep ’em coming!

    Jack Crosby

  3. Normally, I wouldn’t consider a small hotel, but this one looks fantastic! And the pictures of the food are making my mouth water! Going to investigate for the last weeks of summer…

  4. Amazing! My sister lives in close-by, and I have been meaning to visit! Thanks for the incredible recommendation!

  5. Packing my bags NOW! This review paints a picture of the ultimate hideaway and escape. I’ve never been to Mendocino but it’s always been on my travel list and now I know where I want to stay!

  6. I know the meal on the left was the one you ordered!
    This place looks so cozy and relaxing & Mendocino is now on the top of my list of places to visit in California.

    • 100% it was!!! The french toast was Annie’s. I thought we presented a nice spectrum of Chef’s expertise. Thanks for noticing!

  7. Okay, first…is the sunlit room with the leather couch one of the guest rooms? Or part of a main lobby? Second, pastries ALL DAY…? Like, it’s 2pm and I’m looking for a bear claw and – OOPS! – there it is…?! Sign. Me. Up.

  8. Looks like a perfect mix of rustic luxury. Love the all day pastries! Sounds indulgent and relaxing.

  9. I don’t know what I was thinking in the past, driving past Mendocino on my way north. The Brewery Gulch Inn is an example of why I must stop and visit this area of California. Never too late to slow down and “see” something that I know that I’ll enjoy.

  10. It looks beautiful! And I love the connecting rooms when traveling with kids. Thank you for a stellar review and I hope I can get up there some day.

  11. I can’t wait to send this to my sister. She will love it and that’s her favorite part of California. Hopefully she’ll take me with her!!

  12. The Brewery Gulch Inn is now at the top of my list of places to vacation. Their eco friendly ethos paired with luxury seems to be a match made in heaven. I always enjoy reading Jolie’s blogs as she always turns me into hidden gems that are so beautifully.described.

  13. I want to stay in a Lincoln log hotel. Who cares that it’s not really Lincoln Logs though. This place looks beautiful and very relaxing. Thanks for the rec Jolie!

  14. Address for Brewery Gulch inn is going in my car’s Nav now….. I only need to drive for a few hours and then I’m there! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Jolie. If not for you I never would have known.

  15. I’m looking forward to checking this out when I am in Mendocino! It sounds so relaxing and looks beautiful.

  16. Wow. This looks amazing, Jolie. Love the Lincoln log analogy. So nostalgic. And the rest of how you describe it sounds incredible. I’m sold. I’m adding it to my list of “must go” places. 😊

  17. Perfect winter retreat for 3 wild boys and 2 tired parents. If we go this winter I hope we catch an epic storm too. Thanks Jolie!

  18. Felt like we were staying in a modernized version of a classic inn from a long time ago. The rooms were beautiful, with comfortable beds, stunning views, and decor that felt both contemporary and nostalgic at the same time. Stocked drink refrigerators on each floor, wine hour with real food, staff who clearly enjoyed working there, and breakfast priced in — it was quaint and luxurious and I can’t wait to go back!

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