Celebrating Espresso Martini Day

Today is Espresso Martini Day, so we thought we would take a look at a selection of Espresso Martinis you can make in the comfort of our own home at any time of the year with the right ingredients.

Served cold, the Espresso Martini is a coffee-flavoured cocktail traditionally made with vodka, espresso coffee and coffee liqueur. But there are other ingredients you can use that offer a twist on this classic cocktail, such as rum, tequila, whisky or an Irish whiskey liqueur.

Rum cocktails

Let’s first look at some rum cocktails, the first being the CUT SMOKED Chocolate Espresso Martini, made with 50ml CUT SMOKED RUM, which is the first smoked rum in the UK, 10ml Dry Curacao, 15ml Creme De Cacao, 10ml salted caramel syrup and 50ml espresso. Then simply shake all the ingredients and strain them into a coupe glass for the perfect cocktail.

CUT SMOKED RUM RRP: £23.50. ABV: 40% is available from Amazon and Master of Malt

Our second rum cocktail is the Spirited Union Espresso Rumtini, for which you will need 50ml Spirited Union Rum Spice & Sea Salt, 30ml freshly brewed espresso, 15ml coffee liqueur and 10ml sugar syrup along with 3 coffee beans as a garnish.

Pour 50ml Spirited Union Spice & Sea Salt Rum, 30ml freshly brewed espresso, 15ml coffee liqueur and 10ml Sugar syrup into a shaker and shake with ice before straining into a pre-chilled cocktail glass and then garnish with the 3 coffee beans.

Spirited Union Rum Spice & Sea Salt RRP from £34.95 for 70cl. ABV: 41% and is available from: 31DOVERMaster of MaltAmazonThe Whisky Exchange and spirited-union.com

Cazcabel Coconut x Mr Black Espresso Martini
Cazcabel Coconut x Mr Black Espresso Martini

Tequila cocktails

Let’s now turn our attention to some Tequila cocktails, the first being the Cazcabel Coffee Espresso Martini which will require 60ml Cazcabel Coffee Tequila, 50ml espresso, 5ml sugar syrup and an orange twist as a garnish. Then simply shake all the ingredients and double strain them into a chilled coupe glass.

Cazcabel Coffee Tequila RRP: £24.99 for 70cl. ABV: 34% and is available from: Amazon and Master of Malt.

Our next cocktail is the Cazcabel Coconut x Mr Black Espresso Martini which will require 30ml Cazcabel Coconut Tequila, 30ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur and 30ml espresso. Shake all the ingredients together with ice for 20 seconds and then garnish with some coffee beans or coconut shavings for a rather refreshing cocktail.

Cazcabel Coconut Tequila and Mr Black have actually created a new cocktail bundle which includes a bottle of each so that you can make 11 cocktails at home.

The Cazcabel Coconut x Mr Black Cocktail Bundle retails for £50 and is available from: Mr Black, while the Cazcabel Coconut Tequila retails at £24.99 for 70cl. ABV: 34% and is available from: AmazonMaster of Malt and The Drink Shop

Shanky’s Whip Cold Brew
Shanky’s Whip Cold Brew

Whisky cocktails

Our first whisky cocktail is an Irish whiskey liqueur named the Shanky’s Whip Cold Brew, which is made with 1 Part Shanky’s Whip and 4 Parts Cold Brew Coffee. Simply shake the ingredients with ice and serve over ice in a Martini Glass.

Shanky’s Whip retails for £24. ABV: 33% and is available from: Amazon and Master of Malt

Our second and final whisky cocktail is the J&B Rare Whisky Scottish Coffee which is made with 40ml J&B Rare Whisky, 50ml freshly brewed espresso, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, 10ml fresh Double Cream and 3 coffee beans as your garnish.

J&B Rare Whisky RRP: £22.50. ABV: 40% and is available from: Master of Malt , Amazon , The Whisky Exchange and Justerini & Brooks

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Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground, a member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

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