MOOSE The Mountain Spirit

Sadly it looks as though our summer may finally be over here in the UK as there is a distinct autumnal feel in the air, but I guess we can’t really complain as it has been a pretty good one all in all, with some very high temperatures at times to rival many more tropical places in the world. However, that need not stop us from enjoying a cocktail or two as we dream of being able to travel once again, as we transport you to the Austrian Mountains with four tantalising cocktails made with MOOSE – The Mountain Spirit.

This popular and much-loved spirit is an ideal cocktail base and rated highly by mixologists in bars across The Alps, Ibiza and the UK, including Marcos Garvin, Bar Manager at W Hotels, Ibiza who says, “MOOSE is without doubt one of the best products I have worked with, fresh, elegant and yet complex flavours to work with. MOOSE will make our cocktails even better”.

MOOSE blends the botanicals of mint, mountain pine and gentian with chilli and maple syrup to create a spirit that is as complex as it is original. There are no processed sugars in MOOSE, just good old maple syrup, tapped from maple trees in Quebec, giving the liquid a mellow sweetness that is completely natural.

Another thing I like about MOOSE, is that they plant 10 trees for every 70cl bottle of MOOSE sold to help reduce the impact of global warming and save the snow. So far, they have planted 156, 656 trees, which is pretty impressive.

The MOOSE Mule

The distinct flavours of MOOSE make it ideal for mixing in cocktails and is a drink designed to uplift your spirits whether you are at home dreaming of being on the slopes, at the beach, or simply by the pool bar. You’ll find that there’s a MOOSE cocktail for every moment!

So, with this in mind we take a look at four cocktails you can make at home so you can dream of sunnier climes!

First up is the MOOSE Chilli & Maple Daiquiri which is made with 50ml MOOSE, 25ml fresh lime juice or squeeze 1 whole lime and 15ml Maple Syrup. Add all the ingredients into a shaker and shake it thoroughly. Then strain into a Martini glass.

And to make it even easier for you, those good folks at MOOSE have created a Cocktail Set providing all the fresh ingredients and equipment to make 2 x MOOSE Chilli & Maple Daiquiris and 2 x MOOSE Mountain Mojitos, including a free personalised engraved cocktail shaker, bar spoon and jigger which costs £35 and is available from: themoosedrink.comNot On The High Street and Yumbles.

MOOSE Alpine Iced Tea
The MOOSE Alpine Iced Tea

Next up is the MOOSE Mule, and for this you will need 50ml MOOSE, 200ml Fever-Tree Ginger Ale, 40ml Soda Water and Fresh Mint, Orange and Lime. Fill a large wine glass with ice, add some mint, then squeeze and add a wedge of lime. Add an orange zest, then add 50ml of MOOSE before swirling around the ice and ingredients. Finally, add 200ml of ginger ale and top with 40ml of soda water and stir gently. And if you want to, you can watch a video showing you how to make a MOOSE Mule here.

Once again, MOOSE has created a cocktail box with all the fresh ingredients to make 4 x MOOSE Mules at home, which costs £20 and is available from: themoosedrink.comYumbles and Not On The High Street.

The third cocktail on our list is the MOOSE Alpine Iced Tea. This is a mix of 37.5ml MOOSE, 100ml Lemon Iced Tea, 10ml honey, 20ml fresh lemon juice, 10ml Maple Syrup and a slice of orange and lemon. Add ice, a lemon and orange slice to a tall glass and pour in MOOSE, honey and maple syrup. Add Iced Tea and top with some lemon juice.

MOOSE has teamed up with ChariTea and LemonAid to create a MOOSE Cocktail Box for Good which contains all the fresh ingredients to make 5 x Alpine Iced Teas at home. MOOSE will also donate £2 from every sale to the LemonAid & ChariTea Foundation, to support their ecological and social charity projects across the globe. The MOOSE Cocktail Box for Good costs £21 and is available from: and Yumbles.

The Raspberry Mousse
The Raspberry Mousse Cocktail

Our fourth and final cocktail is the Raspberry Mousse which is made with 25ml MOOSE, 25ml Vanilla Vodka, 25ml cranberry juice, 12.5ml Maple Syrup, 4 raspberries and a slice of lemon plus a 1/3 pipette of Mrs Better’s Bitters to act as foaming agent. Crush raspberries into a shaker, add all ingredients and ice, then shake rigorously. Double strain into a Martini glass and sprinkle with raspberry dust for the perfect cocktail. And again, if helpful, you can watch a video showing you how to make the Raspberry Mousse here.

MOOSE is also sold in individual bottles at themoosedrink.comNot On The High StreetYumbles and Master of Malt and costs £15 for 20cl. £36.99 for 70cl. ABV: 35%.

For more information on MOOSE itself, please visit their website:

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground, a member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photographs courtesy of MOOSE

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