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The Twist Museum

Be under no illusions, the Twist Museum in London is the real deal when it comes to experiencing the weird and wonderful.

The Oxford Street sensation which opened its doors in November is a real breath of fresh air and will have young and old alike enjoying some real fun and being educated at the same time.

Illusions can be hard to grasp and the beauty of them is that everyone has a different take on what’s what.

The Twist Museum is there to guide you through the science behind the questions through a fun and interactive exhibition.

From the bright red wacky entrance to the displays, it’s fun all the way. Turning the idea of the shopfront on its head, a traditional roller shutter appears to have been prized open and held in place by a lamppost.

But in fact, the shutters are cast metal sculptures acting as a theatrical curtain to set the stage for the experiences within.

Inside there are over 60 exhibits from some of illusions’ most celebrated names including Dr Kōkichi Sugihara, Patrick Hughes and Dr Akiyoshi Kitaoka.

Twist Museum exhibit

All of the experts have created either site-specific works exclusively for Twist or offered important pieces from their personal archives.

Whole rooms have been devoted to creating these illusions on the grandest scales, like the ‘Ames Room’ – pioneered by Adelbert Ames Jr. – which replicates the effects of shrinking.

In the ‘Life Without Colour Room,’ you can experience a world without its many shades. The ‘Sound Lab’ lets you unlock the extra sensory powers of your ears. And in the kaleidoscope room you can enter an ever-changing space that reflects, refracts and reacts to your presence.

The museum was developed in collaboration with experts from the worlds of art, psychology and neuroscience.

For the educational framework, which is so important to founder Yorgo Philippedes, Twist consulted with Fiona Macpherson, who is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Glasgow.

Her research examines the nature of conscious states, particularly perceptual experience, hallucination and imagination. Professor MacPherson also equipped the team with the theoretical workings behind each attraction to better inform visitors. For the spatial journey, Twist worked with Bureau de Change architects to create a bold, theatrical and playful concept that combines striking colour with geometry.

Time to turn an illusion into reality and have a look for yourself with this mind-blowing display! Ticket prices and opening hours are available via the Twist Museum website:

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Photographs by Dan Weill Photography

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