Margarita Masterclasses with Cazcabel

Cazcabel Blanco and Cointreau Margarita
Cazcabel Blanco and Cointreau Margarita

I’m sure you can remember it like it was yesterday – one hand holding a warm lime wedge, the other covered in salt and holding a plastic shot glass of… tequila. No one forgets their first and for a lot of people they would be happy for it to be their last. The thing is, pretty much everyone’s introduction into a spirit starts off this way. It’s not until later you learn to slow down and enjoy it as it’s meant to be. For some reason tequila struggles to find this audience (perhaps you’re still tasting that shot from the first sentence). This is exactly the challenge that Cazcabel’s premium tequila is facing, and their timing is perfect!

This year Cazcabel is commandeering International Margarita Day (22nd February) but feel that one day is just not enough. They’re here to celebrate a whole week (18th to 26th February) of the world’s favourite tequila tipple. Eight days of masterclasses, events, tastings, partnerships and promotions across the country. For those not familiar, launched in 2014, Cazcabel was recently named the UK’s bestselling 100 percent agave tequila and is fast becoming a world-leading tequila brand. Also voted Master as this year’s Tequila & Mezcal Master Awards, and not to mention, stocked in the world’s favourite bars, restaurants, and retailers. They’re on a mission to change the hearts and minds of this nation without breaking the bank.

This fiesta is touring the whole country joining forces with some of the best bars around. To name a few: Callooh Callay and Murder Inc. in London, Science + Industry and El Capo in Manchester, Butter and PINS in Liverpool, Leave Me Alone, Lisa and Hibou in Newcastle, and many more. But be sure to book your spot at one of the ‘Master Your Margarita’ masterclasses. Hosted by Barrio in Brixton, London and Cargo Cantina in Bristol. Cazcabel takes you on a sensory tour of the Margarita, from the literal roots of the Blue Weber agave to the cocktails’ multi-claimed mysterious beginnings dating back to the 1930s.

Once curiosity and education are satisfied, you can deep dive into the art and craft of the drink itself. Learning the lows of a supermarket grade Margarita and how with a few tips and tricks you can turn it into something really special, and quite possibly your new favourite cocktail. Not just a tasting (as if that wouldn’t be enough) of their fine spirits and cocktails, you wouldn’t be ‘Mastering your Margarita’ if you didn’t have a go yourself. Armed with knowledge and some Mexican courage you’ll have the chance to create your own cocktail. You may elect for the classic or its brother, the Tommy Margarita, or just maybe something brand new.

There’s more. STACK, Akito, and Head Of Steam will be hosting their own dedicated Margarita menus. In London, Mestizo Chelsea will launch a new margarita menu, Bao Shoreditch will be running a ‘Hot Man Margarita’ special as well as launching a ‘Margarita Robot’. Cank Street in Leicester will be organising a 24hr ‘Marg-a-thon’ for charity and Home Bar will be kicking off the ‘Fastest Margarita in the East’ competition.

So, there it is, a week’s worth of Margarita Day. If that’s all a bit much, fear not. One bottle of Cazcabel Blanco, fresh lime, triple sec, lots of ice and some good company will be a celebration in itself.

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Sam Brady is a London based freelance writer and photographer covering travel and lifestyle.

Photograph courtesy of Cazcabel

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