Panther M*lk Launches Stylish New Bottle Design

Panther M*lk new bottles

If you are unfamiliar with Panther M*lk. it is a ground-breaking ‘world’s first’ oat milk-based ready-to-drink cocktail range inspired by the legendary 100-year old Spanish cocktail ‘Leche de Pantera’.

These creamy, smooth and potent cocktails are made with more-ish oat milk with hints of spice, molasses and a fierce after bite and available in four delicious flavours: Panther M*lk Crema, Rosa, Cafe and Menta, and in a brand-new bottle design.

It is hoped that the launch of these new stylish bottles will broaden the brand’s appeal amongst younger drinkers who are looking for products created with sustainability and the environment in mind but with no loss to quality and flavour.

Recent data has revealed that 62% of UK adults have purchased plant-based dairy alternatives, with the 18 to 35-year-old group driving this surge, with 4 in 10 purchasing regularly. If you look at the global dairy-free cream liqueur market, it was valued at $1.5 billion in 2021 and is estimated to be worth $4.2 billion by 2031.

Panther M*lk new bottles and cocktails

Panther M*lk is committed to sustainability and only uses gluten-free and vegan ingredients. And the good news is that the production of oat milk leads to 80% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, uses 60% less energy than cow’s milk and ten times less water than traditional cow’s milk.

The new matte black bottles have a number of modern features but remain true to their Spanish roots with their distinctive standout shape. While the 50cl sleek black bottle is a new design and construction, using fewer raw materials in manufacturing and transportation, the eco-friendly label is laser printed with non-polluting ink and features an elegant panther and butterfly basking in the sunshine.

As well as introducing this sleek new bottle design, Panther M*lk has expanded its range of flavours, each one distinguished by its vibrant colour palette.

Crema is a silky, smooth and creamy cocktail with hints of vanilla, caramel and a warming spice, and is made with a secret blend of premium spirits and oat milk. Rosa on the other hand, is a fruity, vibrant and fun cocktail with Panther M*lk’s secret blend of premium spirits and oat milk and added notes of ripe strawberries. Then there is Café, which makes for a perfect pick-me-up cocktail, mixing Panther M*lk’s secret blend of premium spirits with oat milk and warm roasted coffee. And finally Menta, which is a fresh and cool cocktail that mixes Panther M*lk’s secret blend of premium spirits with oat milk and an added hint of peppermint.

Panther M*lk new bottle design

You can enjoy Panther M*lk straight from the bottle for a simple yet elegant cocktail or use it as a premium liqueur shot to create your own bespoke cocktail.

Paul Crawford, Founder of Panther M*lk, says:

“This is a landmark moment for the brand. These changes further build our credibility and appeal amongst young consumers, whilst also allowing us to deliver a price point in on and off trade that makes the brand much more accessible to trade. Panther M*lk brings the good times responsibly, delivering guilt-free indulgence to a generation of drinkers who have come to expect brands to put the planet ahead of profit.”

Prerna Menon, Head of Brand, explains:

“We wanted our bottles to reflect the essence of Panther M*lk – stealth, elegance, and the thrill of discovery.”

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Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground, a former member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photograph courtesy of Panther Milk

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