The World’s Only Drive-By Mustard Shop

Mustheb Mustard Range

The Hebrides is fast becoming a foodie destination. Not just for its seafood, Isle of Harris seaweed-infused gin or Raasay whisky which offers you the chance to stay overnight in the distillery.

But also for its mustard.

We are used to road signs reading “Honey For Sale” but the Outer Hebrides is the only place in the world with a drive-by mustard outlet and honesty box.

Heike Winter, founder of Hebridean Mustard Company Mustheb, on the Isle of Harris in Scotland, said:

“I erected it in 2018 and it’s has become a landmark and a place of pilgrimage for mustard lovers.”

The mustard shack is to be found between Leverburgh and Glen Kyles. Seven organic mustards are available 24/7 from the roadside stall which even has night lights.

“Honesty boxes are not unknown things on islands and islanders are used to them. If you can sell honey, eggs or potatoes from the road, why not mustard?”

Heike moved to the Hebrides with her partner in 2016. “I was born in the German mustard stronghold of Dusseldorf. What Dijon is to France, my hometown is to mustard and Germany. Mustard is in my blood.”

Heike has just written a book on mustard and has a mustard-tasting tent which she takes round to fairs for tastings with her fresh baked bread. Cooking with mustard lifts taste and palate experiences to another level.

“I wanted a special shape for my mustard honesty box shack. It has been copied by people selling cakes, art and tweed. There is even a bell which people can ring if they have no cash on them and want to pay my card. Then I come out with my machine! The shack is next to my house.”

For more information on artisan mustard from Mustheb and it’s drive-by mustard shop, please visit:

Author Bio:

Kevin Pilley is a former professional cricketer and chief staff writer of PUNCH magazine. His humour, travel, food and drink work appears worldwide and he has been published in over 800 titles.

Photograph courtesy of Mustheb

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