The Spa at The Maybourne Beverly Hills

How can something so steeped in cityscape stimulate something so soundless, so serene? The Maybourne Beverly Hills crowns the coveted corner of Wilshire Boulevard between North Beverly Drive and North Canon, and in it, the Spa at The Maybourne might be the transformative treatment refuge ready to rejuvenate your day, your week, your lifestyle.

It happened so quietly – The Maybourne moved in without pomp or pretence, but suddenly a presence, our new neighbor taking residence in the most prestigious of nooks. Outside, an urban garden, a centralized fountain, waterfall wall at one end, market umbrellas and ice cream tables, a prominence that commemorates the celebrated story of Beverly Hills with an unequivocal European feel. Inside, up on the third floor, a sensory tale is being told.

In the spa, sunlight spears down from the skylights above the mineral water immersion pool. Mosaics soar to the ceiling, evoking an era of sacred, savoured bathing. It is not hard to imagine, once you are here. Cradled in medicinal mineral waters, soaking away soreness and doused in natural sunbeams, it is not hard to believe you are living in that luscious, luxurious, once upon a time space.

The mineral pool is co-ed, while dedicated spaces are reserved for a ladies steam, sauna, and hot tub, and a men’s steam and sauna.

Mineral Pool at The Spa at The Maybourne Beverly Hills
Co-ed Mineral Pool

Open 24 hours, the newly designed and completely tricked out fitness center is yours should you choose to make a day of it (so much so state of the art… a Pilates machine!), and aqua coves doubling as relaxation lounges throughout are made intentionally irresistible.

It is immediately evident, and completely conscientiously, that this is not where you merely show up for a treatment. This is a day intended to be an experience.

The treatments are customized and created from bespoke blends of essential oils, healing salts, earthen muds, and the highest quality creams. I had the pleasure of experiencing the I Am Revitalized facial.

What. A treat.

My eyes were covered if not closed, but by the way Jackie had her fingertips on my temples, back of my neck, earlobes, and cheeks, all while massaging my hands, arms, and scalp, I’d say she had about thirteen fingers on each hand. Minimum.

Fitness Center at The Maybourne Beverly Hills
Fitness Center

This glorious facial focuses on detoxing impurities, brightening skin tone, reducing pigmentation spots (with Vitamin C), ending with deep moisturization. And because a specific selection of EviDenS de Beaute products are used, I learned I’m being treated to triple collagen (three different sized collagen molecules each targeting different epidermal layers) and Vitamin C. I did some research. This next level line combines the very latest in Japanese and French skincare expertise. Everything my not as young anymore skin had been thirsty for.

The spa, available of course for hotel guests but also for day guests, is a serene celebration waiting to happen; a renewal ready to become ritual. Housed in undeniable decadence, it is a spectacular something saved for the moments and milestones that warrant an extra elevation of self-care.

It’s unpredictable, this life of ours.

Book that next appointment before you leave.

The Details

The Spa at The Maybourne Beverly Hills. 225 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, United States.

Tel: +1 (310) 860 7800


The Spa at The Maybourne is located inside The Maybourne Beverly Hills Hotel on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard, between North Canon Drive and North Beverly Drive. If you are going to be there less than two hours, free underground parking is available. The spa hours are 10:00am to 7:00pm.

Type of Spa: Luxury Hotel Spa

Facilities: 17 treatment rooms, a co-ed mineral pool, fitness center and separate steam and sauna facilities.

Price Band: High

Insider Tip: The facility is gorgeous. Stay as long as you can. Please note that the spa is for guests 16 years and up and offers three levels of spa membership, in addition to the day pass.

Reviewer’s Rating: 9/10

Author Bio:

Jolie Loeb is a Luxury Lifestyle columnist based in Los Angeles.

Photographs courtesy of The Maybourne Beverly Hills


  1. If Jolie gives it a 9/10, I know it’s got to be amazing. Earmarking this (and sending to my husband) for my birthday…

  2. Oooooh…I may just have to scrounge up a reason to treat myself. It’s great to have something to consider outside the ever-present Burke Williams franchise.

  3. I remember loving the spa setup back when it was a Montage. Sounds like I’m due for another visit. Glad you got treated to some pampering ❤️

  4. I need to go here right now. This sounds amazing. I’ve been missing the good spas in LA from the late 1990’s. This sounds like a throwback to the best years of LA. I can’t wait to go there AND spend the night at the hotel!!! Sounds like the perfect weekend staycation with friends or with my hubs. Thanks for the rec Jolie!! Another great find!

  5. Going to the spa is one of my favorite activities on vacation. Nice to know I don’t need to leave home now! We can all use a mini vacation!

  6. Pilates machine in the fitness center! I don’t know why others don’t do this, but that plus the mineral pool and treatments – seems like a perfect place to pamper oneself (or a loved one, I suppose).

  7. This place sounds amazing! I’ve been looking for a spa-day location to take my daughter, and this one sounds like it would be the perfect treat! Thanks for the gorgeous review and the recommendation.

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