The Stickett Inn Is The Perfect Place For An Offbeat Romantic Getaway

If you’re an aesthete with a taste for country life (and a good sense of humor), the Stickett Inn will make you feel right at home.

This impeccable four-room hideaway, only open for two years, has become a standby for city-dwellers who need to rest their eyes and their frazzled urban sensibilities. Standing a stone’s throw from the pristine Delaware River, surrounded by craggy rock formations and an entrenched community of artists and other eccentrics, the Stickett Inn provides the same rest cure that urbanites have sought for centuries in the Delaware River Valley, but with a modern swizzle of style.

Founded on a whim and a dare, the Inn inhabits what used to be a decrepit cabin in the hunter-happy village of Barryville, NY. Decades of ill-advised linoleum and wallpaper were scraped away, walls were knocked down and ancient fittings were replaced with ingenious new accents under the creative eye of partners Johnny and Roswell, a theatre set designer and a filmmaker who, with their spritely mutt Lamont, now make their home just up the road from the Inn in a converted church building. (Isn’t the irony delicious?)

The Inn houses a grid of just four rooms, each one spilling over with sunlight from a wealth of new windows. The wide, time-scarred floorboards are a grounding counterpoint to the chic minimalism that gives each space its ethereally restful atmosphere. Those attuned to brand names will nod with approval at the Pendleton blankets and the Malin + Goetz bath accessories.

In addition to luscious textiles, insouciant artwork and décor curated from film studio backlots, each suite features a signature amenity. In STEAM, you’ll find a shower with glass walls and hardwood flooring that lets you enjoy a delicious steam soak. In SOAK, a giant galvanized water tank serves as the roomiest bathtub you’ve ever enjoyed. (Be sure to ask for extra soap if you want to pile up the bubbles.) Other rooms feature a full kitchen (EAT) and a “Mad Men”-worthy bar (DRINK).

If you’re looking for sanctuary from the madding crowd, you’re best advised to visit during the winter and early spring months, when the area is at its quietest. But the Stickett Inn really comes into its own during the summer and fall. Whether you chase a cold plunge in the Delaware with a relaxing hour in the hot tub, fire up the backyard grill to enjoy the bounty you’ve culled from the farmers’ market, or swing in the porch hammocks while admiring a summer storm, you’re liable to find yourself sharing the space with…well, just about anyone. From aspiring fashion designers to Warhol-era millionaires to Brooklynites with a bucolic itch, all these and more make the Stickett Inn their second home when the city gets too hot to hold them.

The Details:

The Stickett Inn, 3380 Route 97, Barryville, NY 12719

Tel: +1(845) 557-0913



The hotel is located in pretty little Barryville on the Delaware River in New York State and a two-hour drive north of New York City. There are bus services on The New Jersey Transit to Port Jervis as well as a Shortline bus service to either Milford, PA or Monticello, NY.

Type of Hotel: Boutique Hotel

Number of Rooms: 4 guestrooms and complimentary Wi-Fi

Insider Tip:
Reservations and other communications are best made via email. Owners Johnny and Roswell are consummate hosts and will attend to your every need, but they rarely answer the phone.

Price Band: Medium

Reviewer’s Rating: 8/10

Author Bio:

The Connoisseurs are Chelsea Batten and Bryan Thompson, two global travel writers based in The United States. Find them at

Photographs courtesy of Stickett Inn

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