Jabra Active 65t: No Strings On Me

I opened an email a few weeks ago and instantly got cramp, not because I was sitting awkwardly, but because the London Marathon ballot had been drawn and I am one of the lucky participants. After reading this news I was feeling in equal parts dread and excitement. It also made me realise, I need some new running headphones.

This is where the Jabra Active 65t comes in. The sporty cousin of the Jabra Elite 65e. These sleek earbuds are some of the best true wireless headphones on the market.

Your first thought might be “they’re just going to fall out as soon as a I start running”. That is simply not the case, a dependable and secure fit keeps them snug, no matter what I tried to do to find an excuse to stop running. Three different sizes of buds are included to make sure you find a perfect fit. They even feature an IP56 rating, with a two-year warranty against sweat and dust.

Jabra Active 65t Case

Since the dawn of the true wireless revolution, I have been skeptical of the sound quality earbuds could produce. The Jabra Active 65t pack a mighty punch, with rich sounds and a surprisingly deep bass. The best thing about the sound is that it can be tailored to your own preference via the customisable equaliser found in the Jabra Sound+ app. The app is also used for software updates, Jabra are constantly finding new ways to make their product better for consumers. Even after purchase!

Using Bluetooth 5.0 and compatible with both iOS and Android devices the Active 65t’s are powered by Jabra’s third generation true wireless stability that helps reduce call and music drop-outs; there are no wires to get in the way and no reason why you can’t enjoy conversations and uninterrupted music.

I wouldn’t be worried about battery life either. Five hours in the buds and an extra ten in the case means that you’ll cross the line long before these quit on you.

Jabra Active 65t for leisure

It’s the features I didn’t expect to find that made me fall in love with these headphones. From connecting automatically to your phone when opening the lid of the case, to pausing/resuming music as you take the buds to/from your ears. Jabra has taken the time to create a seamless experience. Even your device voice command is taken into consideration. The Jabra Active 65t is compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

Beyond running, these have become my go-to choice for my daily commute. Navigating the cities of London by bike can be a little hairy at times, but the hear-through feature means you can keep your wits about you and still experience the premium sounds. This nifty feature acts as hearing aid, letting in all the ambient sound without sacrificing audio quality.

So, if you too have been tasked with running 26.2 miles at some point in the not too distant future, or if you just fancy some new cutting-edge headphones, the first and only option is the Jabra Active 65t.

Grab your pair from John Lewis & Partners while you can.

Author Bio:

Sam Brady is a London based freelance writer and photographer covering travel and lifestyle.

Photographs courtesy of Jabra

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