Earbuds When Life Gets You in The Ear

Denon PerL Pro Earbuds

Noise cancellation is in the air and on the shelves. It is part of the Zeitgeist.

We all need to dampen down. It’s all about Cancel Culture.

We never take out our Blueteeth.

We all have our best Buds.

Headphones and earbuds are a social phenomenon. We are buying them in various shapes and sizes not just to listen to music but to block out what we don’t want to hear.

Pneumatic drills, football pundits, politicians, noisy neighbours and all that nagging. We all want to sound-proof ourselves against all those other noise irritants that blight our lives.

There is much to drown out and not be disturbed by. Be they roadworks, low flying aircraft over your home and the person beside you in bed intent on impersonating a building site in the middle of the game on TV.

Footballers arrive at stadiums wearing them. Gamers are never out of them. Kids communicate with their parents in sign language from under them.

More and more people are wearing ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) to bed. As well as during the day.

The sort of headphones you choose to wear depends largely on the size of your wallet and your head and how much you appreciate music and value high fidelity.

Happiness is attainable if you know your ear dimensions.

Self-care is now about personal soundproofing. Smart silence is big business Whether it be Bose, Beats or Apple AirPods, you need a pair of first-rate cans.

Denon PerL Pro Earbuds and case

Not just for running in or to download your workout playlist into but to dowse down all the clattering and clanking coming at you all the time. Straight into your ear canal.

It’s called extreme audio downscaling. Gone are the days of stuffing cotton wool and 5ml single malt miniatures into your bloodstream to ensure a good night’s sleep. And peace of mind.

I love my in-ear-is-better than over- ear. I like my silence to sound vivid.

And of exceptional sound quality.

I want to hear what I want to hear when I want to hear. With no leak-through. Music, meditation tapes or nothing.

Nothing at high volume.

I like my day to be a personalised listening experience. A customizable auditory experience.

I want my silence to be like the music I like to listen to. Spacious, crisp, clear and of the highest quality. Calming but at the same time ergonomic too.

Powered by healing Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology (AAT), my adaptive Denon PerL earbuds allow me to tune in and tune out. To play/pause the world. To rise above it and detach myself from it.

To subdue it, amplify it and control it. My PerLs are my best buds during kick-back time. And voice calls. They ensure my life is the best and most relaxing auditory experience it can be.

Silence is no long golden. It is of CD-quality.

Spend the day and go to bed with an Android.

Live with a model. Sleep with a model. Of the PerL variety. Get yourself a unique sound profile.

For more information on the Denon PerL Pro earbuds, please visit: www.denon.com.

Author Bio:

Kevin Pilley is a former professional cricketer and chief staff writer of PUNCH magazine. His humour, travel, food and drink work appears worldwide and he has been published in over 800 titles.

Photographs courtesy of Denon

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