Putting Feet First

Let’s face it, our feet are probably very much overlooked when it comes to making sure they are fit for purpose. But without them we would be pretty stuck and unable to live life to the full. So that is why we need to look after them and particularly if you are a walker or athlete.

Hikes, daily runs, cycles and even taking the dog out for a walk can put pressure on the feet and cause all sorts of injuries.

Telic Recovery Footwear has been developed to help ease the ailments and get the feet back to full fitness.

Telic Sandals for comfortable feet

Developed in the USA, this is the ultimate in comfort footwear. Made from Novalon, a proprietary body-heat activated and waterproof, feather light material, the shoes allow your feet to float.

With an ultra-soft foot bed, designed with a slight heel rocker to offload pressure and accentuate foot-strike management, the shoes provide support. The elasticity of Novalon provides for a secure, snug fit for a variety of foot shapes and has been well received by the medical profession.

The shoes come in five different styles from Energy Flip Flop to Mallory Sandal and there are 10 eye popping colours from cherry to key lime to choose from.

Telic Flip Flops for the feet

An important accessory for any good shoe is a comfortable pair of socks and where better to look than Bridgedale, renowned for their specialist ranges to suit all outdoor activities and genders.

The hike collection launched for summer includes great ultralight socks perfect for long distances in the sun, allowing your feet to stay cool, comfortable and dry when temperatures soar.

Clever padding provides lightweight micro cushioning to cut the heat and maximise comfort and the sock’s large areas of sculpted open mesh takes away any moisture from the foot.

Bridgedale Socks

The socks are a close fit and supportive, meaning they won’t slip down or bunch up in your footwear and the material is designed to ensure the sock returns to their original shape and size after every wash.

Trendy colours and designs means the socks are not only cool on the inside, but on the outside too.

Check out designs and prices for the Telic recovery footwear range of products for men and women via their UK stockist New Heights or for more information please visit: www.telic.com

For the Bridgedale Hike Collection, including their ultralight socks in snazzy designs and colours, please visit: www.bridgedale.com

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Rebecca Hay is an experienced travel writer and member of The British Guild of Travel Writers. Follow her adventures with her family on Twitter and Instagram @emojiadventurer and on Facebook via EmojiAdventurers2.

Images courtesy of Telic and Bridgedale

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