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Wild and Game Pheasant Valentine's Box
Wild and Game Pheasant Valentine's Box

Steven Frampton co-founded of Yeovil-based Wild and Game says:

“Game meat may sound like a luxury but it’s actually a great option if you want to support sustainable meat consumption while sticking to a budget. We offer regular deals that make it affordable and accessible.

“Game is high in protein and big on flavour, so a little goes a long way. Our monthly recipe booklets come free with orders and are designed to help people get the most out of the game they order. Why go vegetarian when you can eat meat sustainably? Great taste, versatile, low in fat and delivered to your door, why would you not try it?”

All the meats come from British BGA registered game dealers.

Game sales and appreciation have suffered from its landed gentry image. It is still seen by many as the food of the privileged. But you don’t have to be a large landowner or aristocrat to enjoy it.

“High quality game doesn’t have to be expensive. Our value box comes out at only £1.98 per person per meal. Including nationwide free shipping.

“The £99 family value selection includes six partridge breast fillets, venison mince (four servings), four pheasant breast fillets, wild boar mince, four venison and pheasant burgers, six venison and pheasant sausages, one chicken and mushroom pie, four mallard breasts, 1kg boneless venison haunch joint, two venison steaks, pear and ginpate and pistachio and port pate!”

Wild and Game’s Bird Box costs £59.99.

“We had a very challenging December when some deliveries did not reach our customers because of the postal strikes and our delivery partner receiving massively increased demand for its services. We’re pleased to say our deliveries are now back to normal.”

Wild and Game Bird Box
Wild and Game Bird Box

An experienced company director, Wiltshire resident Steven previously built a series of businesses in the dental sector before moving into consultancy. His passion for game and for the British countryside led him to co-found Wild and Game in 2017 with Michael Cannon, who has many years’ experience running businesses in the food sector.

“We lived on a farm and my father often shot pigeons and other game which we enjoyed at home. It is something which has stayed with me since then. My first memory of game meat is a vivid one eating pheasant at home as part of a stew. One which dad would have shot, and mum cooked.

“My favourite game dish is flash fried partridge breast with cream sauce. I love converting people to the joy of eating game. People often start by trying our game pies and ready meals then graduate on to ordering our subscription boxes so they can cook their own game dishes at home.”

Frampton believes game is an underrated and overlooked resource.

“So many people go to the supermarket and buy what they can see, beef, chicken and lamb. Thankfully customers are starting to realise that there are other options out there and are looking for something different with more taste and greener credentials.”

Fellow founder Cannon adds:

“The business was quite simply built on the under-consumption of game in the UK while helping to cut reliance on imported and intensively farmer meat.

“We also wanted to encourage guardianship of our countryside and promote a healthier way of eating. Responding to demand, we’ve added the highest quality, responsibly reared British lamb, pork and beef to our range.”

Operations Director Mark Robins was previously sales manager at The Lewis Pies and Pastry Company, Sales Development Manager at AJ Pies and Pastries, and area sales manager for Peters Food Services. Originally from Warwickshire, Mark is now based in Swansea and is currently developing the brand’s long-term business strategies to meet business objectives and growth plans.

“Game is a great product and I love selling the concept of game to people, encouraging more and more people to embrace it as an alternative to the more familiar supermarket meats.

“My favourite Wild and Game product is our venison red wine and cranberry pie. I also love our muntjac leg joint, cooked long and slow in the oven.”

His earliest memories of game are eating local venison at home, cooked by his father.

“A deer jumped out in front of my dad’s car – we hit it and it sadly died. When the police came along, they said we couldn’t take it home because of the law that said you can’t take an animal that your car hit. My dad said, “It’s just written off my bloody car – I’m taking it!” They let him and he took it to the local butcher to be butchered. We were eating venison for months after that. And not looked back.”

For more information on Wild and Game, please visit: www.wildandgame.co.uk.

Author Bio:

Kevin Pilley is a former professional cricketer and chief staff writer of PUNCH magazine. His humour, travel, food and drink work appears worldwide and he has been published in over 800 titles.

Photographs courtesy of Wild and Game

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