Leaving Town? Here’s How to Protect Your Home According to the Experts

The vacation season is right around the corner, and you are probably already preoccupied with planning your next holiday adventure. However, when dealing with hotel reservations and airplane tickets for your long-awaited vacation, you should not forget about taking the necessary precautions to keep your home protected while you are away. This way, you will not only keep your house burglary-free but will also ensure peace of mind for yourself during the holidays.

Here we share several necessary steps to help you protect your home while on vacation. Apart from investing in a monitored security system and disconnecting your garage door, you should also lock your valuables and important documents and turn off all appliances. In addition, you should avoid stashing your keys and have someone keep an eye on your empty home. Continue reading to learn more about keeping your house safe while away.

Invest in a monitored home security system

The most important aspect of home protection is a monitored security system, which comes with great features that can keep your property safe, such as with a Vivint price system. By installing a security system in your home, you will not only make it hard for burglars to gain entry, but also receive notifications about any unusual activity going on inside your property.

Ideally, you should invest in a monitored home security system. Such a system will ensure that when an intrusion alarm or a smoke alarm is triggered, a trained agent will try to get in touch with you. In case you do not respond, the agent will call the police for you.

Smart home protection

Pay attention to the garage door

No matter how much money you spent on garage door opener installation and the garage door itself, burglars are likely to attempt to use that door as a point of entry. Luckily, doing something about it is relatively easy. For instance, you could put a sensor right next to it, as well as reinforce the door’s strike plate.

Lock any valuables and documents

Another important thing that you should do to protect your home is to lock your valuables, including jewelry, cash, electronics, and other items that might attract burglars. If possible, make sure that you put these items in a safe or a locked drawer before leaving your house. In addition to that, you should consider hiding away any important documents. That way, the burglars will not get to the sensitive information that they contain.

Turn off all appliances

When leaving for your vacation, make sure you turn off all the appliances in your home. This includes the stove, the oven, the coffee maker, and other appliances that can cause fires. On top of that, it would be good idea if you also unplugged any other electronics in your home, such as TVs, computers and stereos. By doing this, you will protect all of these items from getting damaged or starting a fire during a power surge.

Have someone keep an eye on your home

In general, it would be best if you had someone keep an eye on your home while you are away. With a person on the lookout for trouble, you will know if there is any unusual activity going on in your property. If possible, you should have a family member or a friend live in your house for the duration of your holidays. Doing so will make the house appear lived in, which will scare off potential intruders.

Protect your home with cameras

Avoid stashing your key

One of the most common mistakes people make is stashing their spare key under the doormat or in the flowerpot next to the door. Obviously, it is a huge mistake, as burglars often look for such hiding places when trying to break into homes. With that in mind, instead of stashing your key, it would be best if you gave it to a trusted friend or a neighbour who can keep an eye on your property while you are away.

Final thoughts

As you can see, it is quite easy to keep your property safe while you are away. For starters, you should invest in a home security system and secure the garage door. Next, lock any valuables and important documents away in a safe or a locked drawer and turn off all appliances in the house, from consoles to the fridge and the oven. Last but by no means least, have a friend, a family member or a neighbour keep an eye on the house and avoid stashing your spare key.

By following these tips, you should be able to ensure that your property remains undamaged for a long time. Not only will doing so protect your home from an unexpected break-in, but it will also help you relax and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Happy vacationing!

Images by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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