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Love Casinos in Las Vegas

If you’re planning to visit somewhere rich in casinos, then you would be better off researching and planning your trip before jetting off for the first place that comes to mind. Whether you are going with some friends, as a gambling professional or with a loved one, you should know where the best places are so you can fully consider your destination. This is especially the case when exchange rates come into play, meaning you may end up with more money to play with at the casino. Here are some of the best places you can visit.

Las Vegas

If you love casinos, then the list has to head up with this gem. Vegas is known for its many great hotel based casinos. Some of the best are the golden nugget casino or the one based at the Venetian. The benefit of going to Vegas is in the multitude of other things you can do while you’re there. This way your family won’t get too bored. There are a great many shows you can see, for which you can find show tickets online. There are also other things like pool parties, water parks, museums etc for you to check out while you are there. The sheer amount of casinos will also offer you somewhere different to try your luck too and they have some of the most premier tables in the world. It can be a great shout if you’re American because you won’t lose money through currency exchange, however, nor will you gain any.


Macau is within China but comes without the Chinese laws and authorities and is one of the best places for gambling in the world. Huge amounts of money flows through Macau and some of the top Casino brands have branched out into Macau, such as MGM. The benefit of Macau is that you get to experience a totally different culture to the west in a place that is still relatively safe as long as you stay to the casinos which are well known.

Monte Carlo

In Europe this is the top most gaming destination and indeed one of the first premier gaming destinations on the planet if you love casinos. The stunning picturesque little principality hosts some top casinos such as Monte Carlo bay or Sun Casino. If you are engaging in a road trip across Europe and enjoy gambling, then this should be one of your intended destinations. You can sun up on the beach, enjoy the sea then hit the casinos in the night. If you want the complete experience, try to go there during the Monaco Grand Prix.


Sticking with Europe, Paris is a brilliant destination for those who love casinos but also appreciate some culture. In France, gambling online is illegal which means physical casinos are more popular than other similar countries. The benefit of France is when travelling with the family. Disneyland is but a quick train ride away, so the kids will be happy and places like Le Louvre offer culture lovers a great escape. Paris teems with history too so visitors have multiple museums to visit throughout their stay.

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