Our Choices For The Best Ski Holiday Destinations

There are people who hide from the sun, embrace the cold, and love an adrenaline rush. These are the people who run from the beach. If that sounds like you, maybe you should look into a skiing holiday. Shred snow up and down the frosty mountains around the world for a thrill that never seems to leave you.

If you’re having trouble thinking of where to go, however, read our list of the top ski resorts around the world.

La Plagne, France

Up in the Tarentaise Valley lies the trio resorts of Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry and La Plagne. Between their combined landmass, they offer a range of slopes that will accommodate all stages of skiers. La Plagne is a particular favorite of families and beginner skiers, with gentler slopes that become steeper as you reach the forests. Once you get to the bottom you can ski in and out of one of the 11 villages with its cozy accommodation options and, as expected of the French, superior food options.

Check the La Plagne snow forecast here before you go to make sure you get the perfect conditions.

You can find steeper slopes at Les Arcs amongst its high runs and narrow catwalks for intermediate skiers who are looking for a thrill. Some of the reds are fall line runs if you are looking for a serious adrenaline rush.

Only the experts head to the very top to visit the Bellecote glacier, which offers even more steep narrow gullies to ski down and long off-piste runs. It is truly not for the faint of heart.

Ski Holiday Chalet

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

Whistler Blackcomb, Vancouver, Canada

Canada isn’t called The Great White North for nothing. It is, after all, the lovechild of French and Scottish culture, so you can imagine there are a lot of snow lovers there. A lot of them go into hockey, some of them figure skating, the rest pick up the skis.

The title of the largest ski resort in North America goes to Whistler Blackcomb, which is a two-hour drive from Vancouver airport and offers an amazing ski village. 37 ski lifts service over 200 runs over 8,172 acres of skiable terrain to shred. First time skiers and seasoned pros will all find something to enjoy in this resort amongst the backcountry, bowls, glaciers, tree trails and terrain parks.

Stay at one of the condos or luxury hotels and leave in the morning to enjoy some of the amazing dining experiences available, or some boutique shopping and a roam around the art galleries.

Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia

Snow is not something one thinks of when Australia is mentioned. Usually more like giant spiders somehow surviving the baking sun. And yet, in the southernmost corner of the country, scattered over Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory is around a dozen ski resorts.

But Victoria’s Falls Creek is by far the most visually stunning. The snowcapped slopes wind around beautiful still lakes over 11,000 acres of land containing 92 runs.

But keep those skis on, because when you’re done you can head down to the ski village for an assortment of snow activities which are ski-in/ski-out. Travel around in a snowmobile or take a husky ride. Toboggan down the slopes or try tubing for a fun time. Discover the snowy wildlife or go on a snowshoeing adventure. There is so much to do.

While you’re down there, you can enjoy warming up in the accommodation or visit the Spa for a recovery massage. Eat at one of the many dining facilities or grab a hot toddy to drink by the fire.

Top image by Jibs-breizh from Pixabay

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