Discovering Southampton: What Makes This City A Must-Visit

Queen Mary 2 in Southampton

The UK has so much to offer, from day trips to mini breaks in some stunning cities. The south coast is home to Southampton which makes it the perfect place to stop over for a couple of days before you head off on your cruise. Cruises from Southampton can take you all over the world.

About Southampton

Southampton has always had a rich history that is intertwined with the sea. Way back in 1066, Southampton was an important port which connected the Normans to Normandy and the South of France.

Fast forward through the centuries and Southampton grew to be a bustling port filled with famous ships. The Titanic started her fated voyage from Southampton, carrying over 700 Southampton residents.

SeaCity Museum

The Titanic’s story started in Southampton and has helped to shape the city into how it is now. The SeaCity Museum is a great place to learn about the local inhabitants and how the tragedy affected their lives and shaped the city.

The museum often hosts specialist events, such as talks about the local history, walking tours, art exploration and kid’s activities. There truly is something for everyone to enjoy.

Titanic Engineers’ Memorial in Southampton

Titanic Engineers’ Memorial image by Paul from Pixabay

The Stage Door

If you are starting a night on the town, there is no better place to begin than The Stage Door. Nestled in the heart of the Cultural Quarter, this combined theatre, venue and bar offers up a range of live music, comedy, plays, burlesque and so much more.

Big names such as Jason Manford are known to frequent this stage, with Manford’s Comedy Club on monthly. This show highlights four headliners that have been on some of the biggest comedy shows on TV.

Drag brunches are also a regular feature, with drag artists at their best. They will have you rolling laughing in your seats, and you will leave with a huge smile on your face.

Holyrood Church

Holyrood Church is a visual representation of just how much the city has been through in its history. The church ruins that stand today were built in 1320 and it was one of the original five churches built to serve Southampton. And yet, it has stood firm in the face of numerous invaders. However, bombings during the Blitz brought it to its knees.

In modern times, Holyrood Church serves as a memorial to the Merchant Navy and, although it is in the middle of a bustling street, it offers a quiet place for reflection.

Southampton Old Cemetery

Stretched across 27 acres, Southampton Old Cemetery has been a burial site since 8th May 1846. If you take a wander along the rows, you may spot graves from the Boer War, the Titanic accident and even the Battle of Waterloo.

Parts of the cemetery have been designated Grade II listed status on Historic England’s Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. It has been maintained to preserve the diversity of flora and fauna, so this makes it a beautiful corner of Southampton.

Queen Mary 2 image by BazzaBoy from Pixabay

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