Shipwrecks of the Dover Straits

Diving for shipwrecks
The small sharp bow of the racing yacht Alma

It’s famous as the narrowest part of the English Channel and also for being the resting place for many shipwrecks.

The Dover Straits separates the UK from continental Europe and is the busiest shipping lane in the world.

So, it’s inevitable that there would be many ship losses over the years. There are some fascinating stories behind the unfortunate vessels.

And author Stefan Panis has written a book re living the stories. Shipwrecks of the Dover Straits by Whittles Publishing is a highly pictorial account, which shows the wrecks and the numerous artefacts that were found.

The gallery of photographs for each wreck is accompanied by a brief summary of the history of the vessel and the actual dive, providing an insight into diving in these challenging waters and also the excitement of discovering age-old artefacts.

The book unearths some amazing stories and shows the objects in situ or recovered for purposes of identification, all declared to the receiver of wrecks many in remarkable condition.

There are many hundreds of wrecks in these waters that form a perfect site for wreck divers and this book describes just a fraction of what may be found.

The book will be a valuable and enticing introduction for all divers wishing to explore the huge number of wrecks to be found in the Dover Straits as well as a useful point of reference.

Stefan began diving at the age of six, gradually progressing to developing an interest in wreck diving, photography and research. He has dived many wrecks in the North Sea and is part of the expedition team diving the English Channel. He has also taken part in many cave and mine dives and in 2020 was awarded a Member of the Explorers Club in New York. He is the author of numerous articles, and has co-written four books, including Diving for Treasure.

Shipwrecks of The Dover Straits cover

Published: 30th April 2024
UK Price: £18.99
ISBN: 978-184995-496-9
Format: 240 x 170mm, Paperback
Pages: 208 pages

Shipwrecks of the Dover Straits
By Stefan Panis
Published by Whittles Publishing

Shipwrecks of the Dover Straits is available to buy via the Whittles Publishing website and on Amazon.

Author Bio:

Rebecca Hay is an experienced travel writer and member of The British Guild of Travel Writers. Follow her adventures with her family on Twitter and Instagram @emojiadventurer and on Facebook via EmojiAdventurers2.

Photograph and book cover image courtesy of Whittles Publishing

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